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Industrial diesel space heater hire (non-residential)

65 kW IDF Heater

Our 65 kW diesel space heater provides fume free warm air with no combustion byproducts or moisture added in the heater air. This heater is designed for use in industrial or event type of applications. The dual speed power full fan allows using many lengths of flexible ducting. The IDF65 heater is equipped with wheels for easy transport onsite. The heater can operate with remote thermostat or ventilation only.

65 kW IDF Heater Hire

Design Airflow 3700 m³/h
Fuel Consumption 6.5 l/h
Heating Capacity 65kW
Power supply 230V / 50Hz (110V / 50Hz)
Height (m) 1.27
Length (m) 1.79
Width (m) 0.72
Weight (kg) 235

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