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Market leading integrated microgrid solutions tailored to meet your business needs

What is a microgrid?

A microgrid is an independent energy system that services a site or local area such as a mine site, business complex or neighbourhood. Within microgrids are one or more kinds of distributed energy (thermal generators, solar panels, wind turbines, combined heat & power) that produce its power. In addition, microgrids can contain battery energy storage systems (BESS) as well as a control platform (energy management software) and other supporting equipment. Microgrids can operate in a grid-connected mode and island mode (autonomously). 

Global markets are evolving, decarbonisation, demographic change, digitalisation and decentralisation are becoming key factors to the energy transition. The integration and control of energy systems at a localised level is becoming increasingly important to ensure power stability and reliability, and microgrids are the answer to the changing energy landscape. 

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Benefits of microgrids

  • Reliable and secure energy supply, unaffected by disruptions caused by emergencies and disasters, such as power outages, fires, floods, etc.
  • Energy savings from optimised use of distributed energy systems which lowers energy costs.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions, due to incorporation of renewable generation sources and smart energy management.
  • Increased efficiency due to waste heat utilisation for heating and cooling purposes.
  • Lower maintenance costs thanks to smart energy management systems and reduced usage of thermal generators.
  • Microgrids, connected to the local grid, can serve as a back-up system or a starter in case of emergency.

Aggreko’s microgrid power and storage solutions

In 2017, Aggreko acquired Younicos, a leader in integrated battery technology, which since it’s foundation in 2005 has deployed over 220 MW of battery storage capacity in almost 50 projects worldwide. Younicos became part of team Aggreko, first as a 100% subsidiary, then, in 2018, as an integral part of our company. We have brought together our experts who know exactly how to seamlessly integrate and manage all forms of power, including thermal, renewable and energy storage. 

Joining forces have strengthened our position as global leader in mobile power, heating and cooling. Our mission is to lower the cost of energy, ensure reliability of power supply and reduce carbon emissions for our customers throughout Australia and around the world. 

Aggreko offers large battery storage solutions such as the Y.Cube. The 1 MW Y.Cube consists of lithium-ion battery blocks, a power conversion system, and proprietary energy storage software, allowing customers to achieve considerable savings in large energy projects. 

Smaller batteries are also available and are widely used across many industries such as events and construction. 

Battery technology integrated with power generators combined with sophisticated energy storage management software are offered to customers as complete plug-and-play modular solutions. These are easy to set up and scalable to suit the requirements of any operation. Microgrids provided by Aggreko are tailored to specific requirements of the individual customers and available as a service for short- and long-term projects all over Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Island Countries. 


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