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Cooling Tower GT-20

The tower has extendable legs to raise it from the ground and allow airflow through the underside when in use. When the legs are not extended, for transport purposes, the cooling tower frame is a CSC certified 20’ ISO dimensioned container frame. The Cooling Tower comprises a water sump, water distribution system (incorporating spray nozzles, 15mil gauge PVC fill material and PVC drift eliminator), top-mounted EC Axial Fans and a Carel pCO5 Controller with PGD interface.

Min/Max Water Flow (l/s) 30/101
Height (m) 2.89
Width (m) 2.43
Length (m) 6.058
Substructure Height 5.18m
Shipping Weight 5900kg
Operating Weight 9344kg


  • Designed and assembled to Aggreko's high standards
  • Packaged into 20 ft. container frame
  • Telescopic legs for various height configurations
  • AS3666 compliant drift eliminators
  • Fully enclosed and protected from direct sunlight
  • Fan unit driven by a variable speed drive
  • Controlled operation of unit fans


  • Safe and reliable operation for rental applications
  • Ease of transportation, handling and protection
  • Reduces drift to a rate significantly lower than that required by law
  • Increases safety with respect to microbial growth
  • Regulates fan speed proportional to sump temperature
  • Maximises efficiency, minimises noise and prevents over-condensation when coupled with water-cooled chillers