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"Our engineers are experts at providing the power, heating and drying needed on construction sites – and will tailor-fit them to your project."

Construction site generators and expertise you can count on

We know the construction industry inside and out – which means we can recommend the best construction site generators, heating and drying hire equipment for the job.

Full of construction experts our team of technical engineers offer quick and easy support to help keep your projects on-schedule and within budget. Find out more about the construction site power supply we can offer below.

Reliable construction site power supply – when and where you need it

Our examples of temporary power supply for construction sites range from cabin power to gas generation, or high voltage power to site-wide distribution. Our expert technicians will support your project from beginning to end, making sure things run smoothly.

And we know that flexibility is everything - which is why we offer hassle-free temporary power supply for construction sites. So if you need more power – or less – we can adapt quickly without disrupting your site. We’ve created a free guide to flexible power and temperature control in construction, so you can kick start your next construction project with peace of mind.

Choosing flexible construction power guide  

Meet your site's variable load requirements with our temporary power for construction sites

For fluctuating power demands, we offer a number of scalable power set-ups. Whether it’s hybrid power or load-on-demand packages you're after, we can cost-effectively optimise your fuel efficiency versus power output with our construction site generators.

Low emissions – low noise construction site generators

We offer a number of greener options to help meet environmental targets. These include Stage IIIB generators for building, biodiesel generators, diesel-particulate filters, hybrid power and super-silent construction site generators. 

Keep it hidden - CONSTRUCTION site generator containers

A number of our construction site generators are available enclosed within a secure, unbranded container, along with their fuel tank and cabling. So whether you’re in the heart of the city, or miles from the grid, we’ll make sure your site keeps running.

We have put together a quick and simple glossary about the types of construction site generators we have available, including their applications, features and benefits. Or to find out more about their technical specifications, browse our construction site generators online.


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Extra comes as standard

While we specialise in providing failsafe temporary power for construction sites, that delivers the efficiency and cost-effectiveness associated with permanent supplies, it's the many extras we provide that make us the UK's supplier of choice. Find out more about the Aggreko extras today.


"Getting the right equipment online within tight budgets and deadlines is essential for the construction industry. Delivering under pressure is what we do best."

Heating and drying - construction site heaters to stay ahead of schedule & under budget

Our extensive selection of construction site heaters, dryers, boilers and ventilation equipment can help prevent delays to your project.

Delivery and set up is quick, so you’re not left standing around. Our engineers are experts at specifying the heating and drying packages needed on construction sites – tailor-fitting the best solution for your project.

We can also support when your commissioning a building’s underfloor heating, chiller plant or power load - we have the equipment and know-how to make sure you get the job done on time.

Read more about our heating solutions for the construction industry in our quick guide.


No-fuss support from start to finish

From determining your rental equipment needs, to delivery and set-up, we get things running with our comprehensive service.

And don’t worry about unexpected equipment problems. With Aggreko Remote Monitoring (optional), our dedicated technicians will monitor equipment around the clock, scheduling equipment maintenance, and stopping problems in their tracks.

We can even remove the hassle of re-fuelling with our cost-effective, all-inclusive fuel management service.



"Aggreko’s excellent technical knowledge ensured that the commissioning work ran smoothly, without any fuss or disruption. We were able to meet our tight project schedule and fully test our permanent underfloor heating infrastructure."

Andrew Coleman Project Manager ,
Robertson Construction, UK

"Aggreko designed a bespoke power scheme to ensure that we could meet the variable power loads of the site as cost-efficiently as possible. They delivered a reliable power supply, with smart fail-safe technology in place to ensure uninterrupted power to the site."

Brian Cody Project Manager ,
Northstone Whitemountain JV, UK

"We’ve worked with the Aggreko team for a number of years. Our relationship works well: they supply us with quality generators, so we can get on with our projects without the need to be concerned about power requirements."


Andrew John Managing Director ,
Pump Supplies Limited

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