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Powering pumps at half the cost

Client: Large exploration and production (E&P) company

Location: Permian Basin, USA

Sectors: Oil and Gas

The challenge

Part-time power in a remote location

In remote oil fields, pumps often run intermittently, while the generators that power them are always on. This not only means higher running costs and emissions, but the generators have a tendency to overheat and need more attention. A large company in the Permian Basin came to us with this exact problem. They had five wells, each with its own 40-horsepower pump, and needed a way to save costs by switching power off when the pumps were idle.

Project fact file

Amount of time pumps were operating 50%
Special automated control system 1
Saved in six months $13,000

The solution

Generators and pumps that talk to each other

High H2S levels in the local supply ruled out using gas generators (due to levels of sulphur in the emissions). So we supplied a Tier4i capable 60 kW diesel generator, complete with a special automatic control system, linking the on/off switch to the pumps’ programmable logic controls (PSC).

So whenever the pumps started, the generator would too, and when they stopped, the generator would shut off automatically. 

“A lot of our customers think automated systems aren't for them. Once you see what the technology can do for the bottom line, with the right know-how and support, they don't look back.”

The impact

Costs and emissions cut by 50% in six months

The new system made a big difference. As the pumps were on around 50% of the time, fuel costs went down by half, saving our customer $13,000 in six months. Emissions were also down 50%, and with no more breakdowns, the generators needed servicing half as often.