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Powering forward with biogas

Client: Leading energy company

Location: Chumpuang, Nakhonratsrima, Thailand

Sectors: Manufacturing

The Challenge

Cost-effectively convert by-product into biofuel for power supply and avoid CAPEX

A leading energy company prides itself as a clean power enterprise that strives to improve the environment and lives of the local community, by leveraging on their proprietary technology in waste to biogas conversion.

The company was looking for a biogas power solution partner to convert their generated biogas – a potential 120,000m2 per day - through its waste biofuel technology. Purchasing equipment was their initial approach but the long-lead time and high CAPEX was an issue.

It meant that the business had to wait, and delays mean lost revenue.


USD saved $1m
Equivalent emission reduction 40,000 Cars
Gas generators 4x
Installed capacity 6MW
biogas converted per day 120,000Nm3

The Solution

Responsive, versatile, fuss-free and cleaner biogas power solution

Our customer approached us to help them, because we are known for our responsive approach to complex power demands.

We designed an adaptable package comprising four of our gas generators with an installed capacity of 6 MW. When designing the solution, we ensured full flexibility so the customer could scale up or down operations and capacity too.

This approach also included 2 MW of redundancy built-in, allowing for a flexible approach also where volume increase was concerned – as well as the opportunity to produce more clean energy for their customers.

“By partnering with Aggreko, we were able to successfully scale-up our operating biogas project by adding power generation capacity in record time and at significantly lower capex than expected. Beating our expectations, the gen sets arrived to Thailand as fast as three weeks after signing the contract.”

Executive Chairman, Northern Biogas Limited

Gustaf Godenhielm

The Impact

Emissions reduced and $1m saved

The tailored solution we delivered helped the customer meet the project’s demands six months earlier than their initial CAPEX-intensive choice. This time saving meant the customer was able to start sooner, meaning increased revenue.

A cost saving of approximately USD $1m is forecast for the the customer by incorporating our expert solution into their manufacturing value chain.

By allowing the customer to switch from their previous cost-intensive and inefficient power setup, emissions are dramatically reduced too - by 120,000 tonnes every year.

Our turn-key package gives the customer flexibility to free up cash flow to develop other business projects, while simultaneously reaping the benefits of our reliable, optimised power supply.