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Hybrid power generation hire solutions

Hybrid power generation

Generating flexible, reliable power

Our world is facing an estimated power gap of over 100 gigawatts by the end of this decade. Quick, scalable power is more crucial than ever to industries, communities and entire economies. Hybrid power generation can help fill the gap, creating reliable, flexible energy. By combining the reliability of our hire generators, with the benefits of renewable power and cost savings of battery storage, you can protect against the impacts of fluctuating power supply and demand. Whether you’re on or off-grid, we can help you utilise a standalone generator/ battery hybrid solution and incorporate renewables, should you choose.

Why work with Aggreko?

Resilient hybrid power generation

Get greater power quality and resilience, potentially reducing fuel usage and emissions

Hybrid power generation hire

Maximise sustainability by integrating your existing or new renewables from solar to CHP

Largest hybrid hire fleet available

We provide the full package, from cables to kit and fuel to software

Hybrid power generation with no capital expenditure

Action your plans now with no capital outlay, no risks and no delays

Generator and battery hybrid solution

An integral part of a lower carbon future is energy storage. Harnessing power that can be drawn upon when you need it most. A generator working alongside a battery is a reliable, flexible energy source, particularly in applications where load fluctuates or demand changes. Enabling you to maximise operational output whilst minimising downtime and emissions. Our solutions can alleviate the challenges of uneven load profiles, long low load periods, critical power and redundancy, remote locations with hard-to-reach fuel deliveries, environmentally sensitive areas and night-time operation.

Incorporating renewables

Want to incorporate a renewable energy source into the mix, for example wind or solar? We can provide a battery hybrid solution that seamlessly integrates with renewable technology, overcoming fluctuations caused by intermittent power supply. Our batteries can also store surplus electricity, to be used as a spinning reserve or sold back to the grid through mechanisms like demand side response. 

Our hybrid solutions are proven in the real world, in your world. Read our case studies to discover more.

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