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Resistive load bank rental

A comprehensive fleet for load bank testing and generator maintenance

Safeguard performance with portable resistive load banks

The breadth of our resistive load bank range gives you an appropriate load for the scale of your site and generator setup. Our resistive load bank design team understands the challenges you face - and the reality of testing loads in limited space. That’s why each model in our fleet has been designed with practicality in mind -they’re compact with a highly portable form factor.  It doesn't matter how complex your project, at Aggreko, we’ll make choosing the right resistive load bank for generator testing easy. Get in touch with our team to discuss your needs today. 

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What is a resistive load bank?

Resistive load banks feature high power resistors which convert electrical energy into heat. This heat then dissipates via air or water cooling systems. By converting all the energy generated by a power source into heat, it allows the load bank to test the generator at 100% capacity. 

Simplifying your generator load bank test

When you’re striving for a stable power supply, effective load bank testing is a key element of generator maintenance. Available from 100-440kW, our portable resistive  load bank range is designed to give you the ideal fit for every application, across both commercial and industrial settings.

From power plants to renewable energy sites, customers trust Aggreko to guide them through the process of testing generators and power supply. Whether you know what you need or you’re looking for advice from a team that understands your industry, we can help.

Visit our load banks overview page to find out more. You can also explore our range of resistive reactive load banks and capacitive load banks.

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