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Power to improve productivity at petrochemical plant

Petrochemical and refining

Powering simple solutions to achieve excellence

Keeping your petrochemical plant safe, sustainable and productive in today’s volatile world is essential. We can help you assess your energy requirements to meet new standards in efficiency. Deliver energy resilience to meet emissions targets and maintain performance. Boost productivity with innovative services. And through fast mobilisation, facilitate speedy set-ups, delivery, and commissioning, resulting in fewer shutdowns and greater efficiency.

Rely on specialist petrochemical & refining services

As petrochemicals and refining sector specialists, we have developed in-house bespoke services and solutions that can be applied uniquely to your challenges.

Optimising efficiency, increasing productivity and controlling cost

Rental power and temperature control

Greener Upgrades

Greener Upgrades are a small switch to make a big difference. Making the sustainable more viable. Combining the latest technology, cleaner fuels and smarter thinking to help you achieve lower emissions and greater efficiency, while potentially reducing fuel costs.

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Why Aggreko?

 We’re here to put simplicity into every solution. Through our consultative approach, we provide specialist temporary power and temperature control to the petrochemical and refining industry. Short or long term. Fully scalable. All tailored around you and available without the need for capital expenditure. Hire today and you can action your plans immediately, accessing newer, cleaner, more efficient technology.


Our petrochemical and refining solutions are proven in the real world, in your world. Read our case studies to discover more.

Trusted expertise, proven results

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