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Capacitive load bank testing hire

Capacitive load bank hire

Capacitive load banks to simulate loads by creating a leading power factor

Capacitive load testing, built for industry

Whether you’re correcting power factors or managing capacitive load testing for your power supply, our industrial load banks can rise to every challenge. With intelligent design based on years of industrial experience, our range makes generator load bank testing scalable, accurate and convenient.

Our models resist changes in voltage, so they can be used to increase power factors and test loads as part of your implementation. With our specialist expertise, finding the right capacitive load bank to hire is as simple as giving us a call.

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What is capacitive load?

Capacitive loads are used in conjunction with other types of electrical loads – with inductive loads being the most common. However, unlike with an inductive load, the current peaks before the voltage in a capacitive load. 

Scalable load testing made simple

We know how essential generator load bank testing is - a key step in safeguarding performance. But we also understand the realities of your industry and the strict timelines you’re working to.

That’s why our entire capacitor load bank range is designed to make things easy. From compact form factors to remote management, monitoring and reporting, our capacitive load bank hire is just the start. We pair our comprehensive hire packages with our vast global expertise and industry-specific know-how.

Get the equipment and expertise to load test and commission your critical systems

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