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Future renewable energy solution for sustainable cities. Modern black frameless solar panels, battery energy storage facility, wind turbines and big city with skycrapers in background. 3d rendering.


Powering change for the utilities industry

Globally, the energy sector is going through a major transition. The challenge today is to secure more energy, affordably and sustainably. We provide powerful solutions in the form of modular, temporary power and temperature control. Continually investing in skills and technology to deliver maximum fuel flexibility, using gas, diesel, renewable fuel sources, plus microgrid and storage solutions. 

Utilities services

From critical 0-6 month services to catering for long term needs, our flexible, modular approach, provides the most efficient and sustainable solutions to add resilience, efficiency, and flexibility.

Utility power solutions

Emergency power

Contracts typically 0-6 months . We can cater for the sudden loss of operational capacity and the inability to rebuild or regenerate following disaster or conflict.

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Bridging power

Contracts typically 3-12 months . We can support peak shaving, planned or unplanned maintenance, construction/commissioning power and value added enhancements.

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Supplementary power

Contracts typically 1-5 years. We can support baseload issues, overcome transmission and distribution limitations, poor transmission grid and support shortfalls.

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Core power

Contracts typically 5-15 years. We can replace inefficient power infrastructure, reduce high generation costs and deal with issues such as low baseload, poor transmission and off grid challenges.

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Powerful solutions

Our solutions support a wide range of facilities, from hydro, solar and nuclear plants to wind farms, waste water and electrical power supplies. 

Renewable wind energy solutions 

Our specialist engineers work closely with you to understand your project, then provide the right power and load bank package to bring your windfarm to life, delivering added value every step of the way.

Nuclear industry solutions

Our experts develop solutions for planned and unplanned projects by using temporary power, temperature control and oil-free air systems to support a wide range of applications. From refueling outage support and process engineering to redundant power and cooling solutions.

District heating

District heating systems based on Combined Heat and Power (CHP) could save 70% of CO2 emissions compared to traditional coal and diesel fired heating. Switching to renewable fuels such as Hydrogen and HVO provide a net-zero solution. 

Why Aggreko?

We’re here to put simplicity into every solution. We have more than 10 GW of generating capacity and a fleet of more than 18,000 generators, ranging in size from 15 kW to 2 MW - including our latest addition, a 10 MW power block. We can deliver turnkey power in weeks. Fully scalable. All tailored around you and available without the need for capital expenditure.

Extra flexibility: From fuel choices to contract flexibility, our solution is build around you

Extra innovation: Continually innovating to meet the future with confidence

Extra expertise: Unparalleled technical and utility expertise


Extra reassurance: Our focus on health & safety is integral to all we do

We’re experts in providing the utilities industry with a wide range of solutions tailored to your needs. Read our case studies to discover more.

Trusted expertise, proven results

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