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Manufacturing is the backbone of the European economy, keeping the wheels of industry turning. But added challenges from higher costs, energy uncertainty, supply chain issues and aging equipment require added expertise from real manufacturing specialists. You need simple power and energy solutions that increase resilience, efficiency and control. Which is how Aggreko can help.

Simple solutions to complex challenges

We are experts in manufacturing with proven experience, helping you overcome all your power, heating, cooling and dehumidification challenges. We make things simple for you, providing flexible hired equipment to maximise efficiency, decentralised energy options to manage supply and emergency response solutions to prevent downtime. 

Why Aggreko?

We’re here to put simplicity into every solution. Use our equipment to easily plug into your existing infrastructure and see how our flexible solutions give you greater agility and control, without the need for capital expenditure. Hire today and you can action your plans immediately, accessing newer, cleaner, more efficient technology.

Power for manufacturing to add resilience

Added resilience: Back-up power, decentralised energy solutions and temperature control

Added efficiency: Improve efficiency and reduce energy usage, costs and emissions

Added productivity: Supplement on-site power and temperature control.

Added reassurance Full support of sector experts and skilled engineers.

Greener Upgrades

Greener Upgrades are a small switch to make a big difference. Making the sustainable more viable. Combining the latest technology, cleaner fuels and smarter thinking to help you achieve lower on-site emissions and greater efficiency, while potentially reducing fuel costs.

Our manufacturing solutions are proven in the real world, in your world. Read our case studies to discover more.

Trusted expertise, proven results

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