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Turbines at offshore wind farm

Wind renewables

Your wind farm partner

As our energy demands grow greater, renewable energy is key to the future of our planet. Harnessing the power of wind is essential. At Aggreko, we have over 50 years’ experience and an in-depth understanding of the power and temperature control needs of wind farms. We have a dedicated Wind Energy Team whose innovative strategies to facilitate repair, maintenance and modifications to turbines and towers have resulted in significant cost savings for customers. Our solutions help investors, developers and operators to reduce costs, benefiting the entire renewable energy market.

Expert services, simple solutions for the wind sector

We recognise that each stage of wind farm design has its own unique challenges. That’s why we provide expert services throughout the five lifecycle stages of a windfarm.


We can bring your project to life, cost-effectively and sustainably. From testing newly designed turbines to planning large scale battery storage, our solutions meet your project goals.


We provide temporary power and temperature control solutions. From construction generators, transformers and offshore designed standby generators to battery storage, heaters and dehumidifiers.


Our generators and loadbanks allow turbines to be commissioned prior to their connection, enabling production to begin sooner. Solutions include: HV/LV generators, offshore generators, offshore and onshore substations and HV networked systems.

Operation and maintenance

We offer environmental control packages for blade remediation. Tailored to meet your needs for managing temperature and
dehumidification during blade repair. We provide power, heating and cooling solutions during planned utility outages and tower maintenance. 


We support with the repowering of your wind farm while replacement of turbines takes place with everything from temporary generators and high voltage systems to battery storage. We also provide further support with new commissioning and testing.

Greener Upgrades

Greener Upgrades are a small switch to make a big difference. Making the sustainable more viable. Combining the latest technology, cleaner fuels and smarter thinking to help you achieve lower emissions and greater efficiency, while potentially reducing fuel costs.

Why Aggreko?

We’re here to put simplicity into every solution. As experts in providing temporary power and temperature control solutions to the wind farm and renewable industry, we use our deep expertise, knowledge and consultative approach to develop the right choice of solutions and services in the short, medium and long term. Our hired solutions are flexible, scalable, mobile and modular, meaning they can be delivered fast and with none of the risks of capital investment.

Our wind renewables solutions are proven in the real world, in your world. Read our case studies to discover more.

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