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Battery hybrid solution brings emission and cost cuts

Client: Scottish Power Renewables

Location: Scotland

Sectors: Renewable energy

The Challenge

A greener power source for a green site

As a company wishing to go greener, our customer wished for a solution for their remote site that delivered lower emissions – but didn’t hold back on reliability either.

The customer sought to build a reputation as a greener company – but with its current power source, this would be compromised.

Luckily, we know a thing or two about helping companies adapt to a cleaner energy future.


Project fact file

Battery Unit 48 kW
Emission Reduction 65 %
Less fuel burned 80 %
Generator 60 kVA

The Impact

It was a case of ‘mission accomplished’ for our hybrid solution.

The customer had requested a reliable power source for their site that cut emissions.

We delivered on this request with an 80% reduction on fuel consumption – which dramatically cut local emissions and costs and boosted CO2 savings.


The Solution

Hybrid battery package

After scoping the site and the demand for energy, our experts soon devised a solution that fit the bill perfectly.

We would provide a hybrid solution, with a 48 kW battery and a 60 kVA generator as backup. The battery also had a straight pass through installed, which would power the site silently when the load demanded it. The generator added resilience to the package, charging the battery whenever necessary.