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Setting the standard for next-generation power

We’re developing new technologies to make our rental equipment cleaner, quieter and more efficient. We’re also introducing alternative and greener fuels. Our G3+ range of generators is the result of many years of research, development and collaboration with the best engineers in the world. They run at market-leading levels of efficiency, have a reduced impact on the environment and produce 14 per cent more power at 12 per cent lower cost per MW than standard generator engines.

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Thinking outside of the box for wind, sun and batteries

We won't stop at making our generators as optimised as they can be. We know there is much more we can do.

For our clients, we want power generation to be as efficient, as clean and as reliable as possible. That's why we've included renewables and battery storage to our offering. Together with you, we want to be at the front of the push for a decarbonised future. 

Solar and wind power produce power at very low costs. And our battery storage equipment can help overcome the intermittent nature of renewable generation, creating cleaner power solutions and maintaining our excellent reputation for reliable energy.

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Giving you flexibility with fuels 

You no longer need diesel as your first choice. In fact, in many parts of the world, it’s not even an option. One of the fuels we’ve helped customers switch to is natural gas. By tapping into this clean and efficient fuel, you’ll reduce your need to take power from the grid when the local utility can’t meet your demands. We’ve also adapted generators to run on biodiesel and non-standard gases, so we can use the best, and lowest cost fuel available.  

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Keeping a close eye on things 

By monitoring our equipment around the clock, our experienced technicians are alerted if you’re running low on fuel, or have an equipment emergency. We then act quickly, diagnosing the problem and giving you a personal response. What’s more, the data we gather helps us understand how to improve efficiency, reduce costs and develop new technology and equipment.


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