Industrial air conditioning hire

DX 200 kW industrial air conditioning hire

Our portable industrial air conditioner units for hire offer temporary and emergency cooling for All industries 

Large-Scale Industrial Air Conditioner Hire

Aggreko’s temporary air conditioning units provide cooling anywhere it's required. Available in wattages from 50 kW to 200 kW, our DX air conditioners offer flexible, portable, temporary air conditioning when and where you need it. From film sets and events, to offices and factories, our industrial air conditioning hire allows you to keep temperatures just right and keep noise levels low. 

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Adaptable, industrial air conditioning hire for HVAC back-up

Our DX air conditioning units are hard-wearing and built to work alongside your existing heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment-to provide the temperature range you need.

And if low noise is essential, that's no problem. Our temporary air conditioning units run at industry-leading levels of soundproofing – making them perfect for use in tents and marquees without disturbing your event. For industrial air conditioning unit hire that's effective for your commercial needs, choose Aggreko.

Hire temporary air conditioning units with us - a compact solution for applications where space can be a problem. Also running from a low electrical input, our industrial air conditioner rental is energy efficient and cuts the costs down in the long term for your business.

Need heating as well as air conditioning hire?

No problem. Because our seasons can change in a day, our DX industrial air conditioning unit heat pumps offer high levels of heating, as well as cooling and ventilation. These industrial air conditioner units offer a flexible, space-saving solution when you need optimum climate control capabilities.

Our air conditioner rental offers fast and flexible low temperatures for emergencies

Tailor-made for cold room applications, our flexible and easy-to-install low air temperature cooling unit can cool any cold store facility down to -30°C.

Need it quick? Our portable industrial air conditioner will be delivered and set up within hours, safeguarding your products.

Hire air conditioning units during emergency situations, when seasonal production needs extra capacity and during any planned shutdowns, avoiding any capital expenditure or costly upgrade of your existing warehouse.

Choose industrial air conditioning hire with Aggreko, and save space, time and money. Get in touch today to find out more about our air conditioning units for hire, or browse our complete range of cooling equipment


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