7000 Dehumidifier

Industrial and commercial desiccant dehumidifier hire (non-residential)

Our 7000 m³/h desiccant dehumidifiers will help control moisture and humidity levels. Ideal for commercial, industrial and construction site projects.

Key Data

  1. Design Airflow
    7000 m³/h
  2. Dry out area (approx)
    11730 (m³)
  3. Keep dry area (approx)
    17566 (m³)
  4. Power supply
    380/415V 3p N+E 50 Hz
  5. Connections
    Hard wired

Physical Data

  1. Height (m)
  2. Length (m)
  3. Width (m)
  4. Weight (kg)


  • Heavy duty for rental market.
  • Discreet, stainless steel casing.
  • Built-in heater controller ensures maximum efficiency all year round.
  • Remote humidistat control is available when required.


  • Cost-effective way to reduce the effects of moisture damage (one unit can dry out very large areas).
  • Do not require background heat for them to work.
  • In-built heater controllers ensure maximum performance all year round and help keep running costs to a minimum.
  • Can be placed inside and outside.
  • Air can be directed into specific areas using flexible ducting.
  • Temperature control accessories are available, including a variety of compatible ducting and remote humidistats that
    easily incorporate into the package.

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