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Rental packages for high and low voltage transformers

Low and high-voltage commercial transformers

When you’re working with power supplies, you need a partner you can rely on. Here, at Aggreko, we offer expert advice and a fleet of class-leading industrial transformers.

Our transformer hire range includes solutions from 2,500 kVA to 6,300 kVA – which can be used for power distribution applications from 1.25 kV to 33 kV. 

You can operate them at 50 and 60 Hz too, meaning you can step your voltage up or down in line with your system requirements.

Our experts can help you build a complete power distribution package – including switchgear power systems, electrical panels and generators .

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Tailor-made industrial power transformers

We have a large fleet of utility-grade containerised, low and high voltage, transformers that we use to design and install tailor-made power packages.

So, whether you need an islanded power package to load test, or to provide power as a distribution transformer – we can build a hire package to meet your needs.

Our industrial electrical transformers are constructed to meet the rigorous demands of every industry – from manufacturing and rail to offshore power and utilities.

They’re weatherproof, plugged, equipped with casters, and oil-filled with thermostatically controlled cooling. With a containerised substation design, they’re easy to transport too.

Why choose Aggreko for power transformer rental?

  • We can offer the expertise of a global network of specialists. They can build a transformer hire package to meet your needs – technical and budgetary.
  • We can get you up and running – wherever you’re based in the UK, we’ll deliver and install.
  • We have an extensive fleet encompassing all elements of power distribution – transformers, switch gear systems, panels, generators and more.
  • We offer equipment on short and long-term hire.
  • Our temporary transformer rental service doesn’t require costly CapEx – there’s no investment in permanent upgrades needed.
  • We can monitor performance inefficiencies and technical faults and rapidly fix them through our Remote Monitoring service, ARM.
  • We’re always on hand when you need us, with technical support available 24/7, 365.

Looking for low or high voltage transformers to meet your site’s power requirements? Contact our expert team today to discuss our transformer hire service.

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