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500 kVA Battery

Our mid-tier Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) reduce generator run time which decreases the fuel consumption and noise on site, helping you save on both emissions and on costs. They also assist in addressing power capacity limitations by engaging in peak shaving or offering virtual capacity. Additionally, they are capable of aiding in the regulation of both frequency and voltage within the system. This supports you in meeting local emissions regulations which adds to your social responsibility image and decarbonisation efforts. With variable loads on site, this battery helps improve reliability and energy efficiency, without any required capex. These batteries are driven by data giving full transparency for complete energy optimisation.

500 kVA battery energy storage

Equipment shown may not be representative of equipment currently available

Rating 500 kW Nominal Power
Energy Storage | Capacity (usable): 246kWh
Height (m) 2.9m
Length (m) 3m
Width (m) 2.4m
Weight (kg) 9900kg
Information to be used as a guide, full specification data please contact us


  • Intelligent onboard energy control module that communicates with the generator
  • Designed for easy manoeuvrability and transportation
  • Designed and assembled to Aggreko’s exacting standards
  • Wide ambient temperature range
  • Charge time within a nominal temperature range is approximately 30min


  • Provides virtual capacity to overcome power limitations 
  • Helps meeting the most stringent emissions regulations
  • Can be used in on or off grid locations 
  • Facilitates on site voltage and frequency regulation
  • Allows for savings on fuel, that reduces both emissions and costs
  • Reduces generator run times, increasing servicing and maintenance intervals 
  • Increases reliability as it manages variable loads and eliminates light load periods
  • Fast installation and commissioning, plug and play with the entire Aggreko eco-system
  • Delivers zero noise, ideal for projects where sound needs to be kept to a minimum
  • Remote monitoring which allows optimisation through the technical support desk
  • Enhances the image of social responsibility and supports decarbonisation initiatives
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