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PowerMX2 1250 kVA Stage V Twin Engine Generator

With two 625 kVA Stage V engines, in one 20 ft container, the PowerMX2 offers power flexibility, efficiency, and resilience. The intelligent design means it can seamlessly switch between single or twin engine modes enabling each engine to run together, independently, load share or act as a load on demand or standby package - maxmising fuel efficiency. With Stage V certification, the PowerMX2 meets the latest emission requirements, it is also fully compatible with alternative fuels such as HVO.  Designed for rapid deployment and scalability, it is suitable for a range of uses, from smaller scale standby packages to multi MW installations.

PowerMX2 1250 kVA Stage V generator

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100% prime power 50 Hz - 267 l/hr
50% prime power 50 Hz - 137 l/hr
75% prime power 50 Hz - 199 l/hr
NOx (Oxides of Nitrogen) 50 Hz - 0.17 g/kWm-h
PM (Particulate Matter) 50 Hz - 0.012 g/kWm-h
CO (Carbon Monoxide) 50 Hz - 0.043 g/kWm-h
HC (Unburnt Hydrocarbons) 50 Hz - 0.007 g/kWm-h
Sound Pressure at 7M 50 Hz - 79 dBA @ 75% load
Length (m) 6.06 m
Width (m) 2.44 m
Height (m) 2.89 m
Weight 16850 kg
Information to be used as a guide, full specification data please contact us


  • 2 x 625 kVA Stage V engines in a 20 ft ISO container
  • Low loading capabilities
  • Load share and load on demand capabilities
  • Single or twin-engine mode operation
  • Stage V certified
  • Variable speed cooling and ventilation fans 
  • Core cooling module
  • Dual frequency
  • Approved for diesel, HVO and B10 alternative fuels
  • Anti moisture air intake louvres
  • Remote monitoring


  • Extremely efficient engines to ensure fuel efficiency, reduce fuel costs and maximum performance 
  • Maximum power density, portability, and rapid deployment 
  • Ability to run on loads to mitigate performance issues associated with low loading 
  • Ensures power flexibility, enhances fuel efficiencies, fuel cost reduction and provides built in redundancy if required  
  • Easy auto switch between single or twin-engine modes to reduce downtime during servicing and improve engine function
  • Complies with the toughest emission requirements
  • Improves operation, enables increased power density and drastically reduce noise at lower loads and in lighter ambient conditions
  • High efficiency air flow system for improved thermal performance 
  • Allows transfer between 50 Hz and 60 Hz to serve diverse applications 
  • Keeps emissions to a minimum  
  • Ensures smooth operation in hot, cold, humid or dusty conditions
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