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Flexible energy, shaped around your business

The energy market is unravelling . Changing how we generate it to how we procure it. One centralised system to a network of local distributed power plants. Passive consumers to power producers.

Hired Energy as a Service (EaaS) is a flexible model that enables your business to take control of its energy supply – with no upfront investment and long pay-back periods. Changing the way you look at energy supply and use.

It has even created the opportunity for large industrial energy consumers to manage their own on-site generation. Resulting in:

  • Reduced CO2
  • Lower costs
  • Secure supply

What is Hired Energy as a Service and why partner with Aggreko?

Hired EaaS is the complete energy package, shaped around your business:

  • It’s modular so you can scale up and down according to demand
  • You’re not tied in to fixed energy pricing or minimum energy use
  • No long-term contracts with penalties if your business needs change
  • You stay in control of your on-site energy management
  • You can save money and make money by become active participants in your energy supply

As a UK manufacturer, we have the knowledge of a wide range of power generation technologies; from gas generators, combined heat and power to battery storage, heat pumps, solar and wind. As the largest hire company in the world we have the knowhow to deliver the power you need, when you need it; whatever your demand (from 1MW to 20MW)

We’re experienced in delivering fast, flexible, modular distributed energy-solutions to any space. From design through to installation, you can outsource your energy needs for as long as you need to.

Our service is centred around your needs.

To maximise your energy efficiency and minimise your costs, we provide a portfolio of expert support and insight, solutions and services. 

Your own Account Manager - To advise, agree and help manage your energy solutions.

Load data analysis - Our experts conduct load data analysis and cost of energy evaluation to develop the most efficient, flexible energy solutions. 

Full range of energy solutions - From single gas generators and battery storage to a complex microgrid solution comprising gas generators, solar PV, auxiliary equipment and smart control systems.

Fast delivery and expert installation - The UK’s largest hire fleet, all fully containerised, for fast delivery and installation.

The latest technology - All equipment is based on the most advanced technology and is regulatory compliant.

Works with existing energy infrastructure including renewables - All our technology is designed to complement your existing energy infrastructure.

Full turnkey solution - From project design and management, delivery and smooth integration to expert installation, operation, maintenance and monitoring.

Scale up and down with ease - All equipment is modular so you can add capability with ease.