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Industry Report: The Race to Resilience

Navigating options to reduce risk, manage running costs and balance sustainability in the European energy market

With grid instability and energy security continuing to prove challenging to industry across Europe, our latest research report  is highlighting solutions for high energy users to navigate a complex energy market and avoid downtime from grid resilience issues.

As rising costs resulting from Europe’s energy crisis begin to settle, The Race to Resilience report, indicates that ongoing energy instability means power supply remains a major concern for energy intense industries at risk of shortfalls.  High energy users across Europe are in a precarious position in terms of future energy supply and security, particularly as investment in capacity for renewables for the grid is increased.

As the relief packages for businesses’ energy bills across multiple European countries finish in 2024 and the EU’s gas price cap agreement ends in February 2024 , concern is being raised that this will compound issues further.

The report explores how facilities can secure enough power both now, and in the future, highlighting a revised approach to decentralised energy as the route capable of improving security of supply, reducing transmission losses and lowering carbon emissions.

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