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Decentralised energy solutions

Stay switched on, off grid

Add resilience to your operations with decentralised hired energy

This winter could see the perfect storm. At a time when consumption increases by 36% on average, depleted energy supplies, power shortages and rising prices, pose risks of power outages for business. Aggreko can help your business stay operational, stay resilient and stay switched on, off grid.

As Governments across Europe draw up contingency plans to cope with grid strain, we have invested in our mobile and modular generator fleet, cogeneration systems, and smart energy storage units to provide all the power you need, off-grid. Here are just some of the powerful business benefits:


  • Greater supply security – keep the power on even when the grid is off
  • Flexible, modular power generation – output can be increased and decreased as needed
  • Lower energy costs and emissions – potentially saving you money and cutting carbon
  • Opportunity to generate revenue  selling spare energy back to the grid
  • No capex investment – hire means that you can grow without risking capital

For every challenge there is an Aggreko solution

Challenges don’t come much bigger than the energy crisis, and we are working in partnership with our customers to help alleviate the risks associated with potential power outages or grid limitations. With our decentralised energy solutions,  you can benefit from having your own hired power source, either working alongside or 100% independent of the main grid. You also have the choice of a range of fuels - including diesel, gas, HVO and B10.  There is no large upfront investment, no lengthy waiting list and no long-term commitment. All our solutions are mobile and modular.  So, when demand fluctuates, you can add and take away as you please. 

Want to find out more? See links to product information and our solutions in action below or get in touch with one of our off-grid energy experts. 

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From off-grid power for a data centre whilst connection is secured or cleaner greener off-grid power for a manufacturer. 
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