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What is loadbank testing?

Every business understands the importance of maintenance upkeep – from those in the manufacturing industry to those who run data centres. And that’s where loadbanks come in. But what is a loadbank? And what is loadbank testing?

If you’re a little hazy in this area, we’ll talk you through the answers to these questions and explore how the features of loadbanks could be beneficial to your business. Find out more below.

What is a loadbank?

Let’s start simple: what is a loadbank? Generally speaking, a loadbank is an industrial piece of equipment used to test electrical power supplies at your plant or site. Designed to ensure that the machinery your company uses is kept up and running in a predictable manner, loadbank testing is a great way to keep production flowing and to reduce the risk of downtime.

Why is loadbank testing important?

So, what is the importance of loadbank testing? Loadbank testing is a vital procedure used to make sure that you’re generating power in the best way possible for your business. If you have already used our loadbank testing service, you won’t be left in the dark in the event of a power outage or emergency situation. In addition to this, loadbank testing is equally as crucial in preventing any damages or breakdowns in the future.

What can loadbank testing be used on?

Fortunately, loadbanks can be used to test a number of different applications. These include:

  • Uninterrupted power systems (or UPS)
  • Generators and turbines
  • Data centre power systems
  • Electrical distribution panels and systems
  • Combined heat and power (CHP)
  • Simulation of heat loads

How does a loadbank work?

So, how does a loadbank work? In order to protect production from preventable downtime, a loadbank is used to accurately mimic the standard operational load, which can be used and controlled in any way you need. This differs from the ‘real’ load, which is generally unpredictable and harder to control. Where the energy is supplied by the power source, the loadbank uses this energy to support and test the source, whilst also protecting it.

Choose fast and efficient loadbank hire from Aggreko

Interested in arranging loadbank testing for your company? Choose Aggreko for fast installment, expert testing and no need for capital expenditure. What’s more, you’ll be able to choose between AC/DC resistive-only and AC resistive/reactive loadbanks, depending on what you require. Contact us today for more information on the loadbank hire service that we offer.