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“From temporary air-conditioning for a school, to powering a whole community after a storm, we can help you provide essential services for people who need them.”

Rapid response to your needs

Government is responsible for some of the most important services we need. From education and healthcare, to military services. All need reliable power, heating, cooling and dehumidification to keep crucial amenities available.

But when things don’t go to plan we can step in to bridge the gap. From delivering emergency power when the grid goes down, to supporting a routine HVAC plant maintenance – our temporary power generators are on hand to help. We’ll even send our engineers and equipment to power remote military camps – no matter how isolated your operation.

Keeping the lights on for your communities

From temporary central heating for a school, to powering a whole community after a storm, we can help you provide essential power supply services for people who need them. We can design, install and run temporary power plants following a natural disaster, or supplement a hospital’s cooling plant during extra warm summer months.

We can also support you with contingency plans that will help you respond quickly to unplanned emergencies. Our engineers will meet with you to assess the risks you’d face if your utilities failed, then create a practical plan that we can put into action at a moment’s notice.

And if an emergency happens, we can be with you in hours. Just give us a call and we’ll get our generators, heaters, chillers and dehumidifiers to your site, from one of local service centres, or further afield if required.

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Military power supply, heating and cooling

We understand the unique challenges faced by military services. We can help you to run operations, while keeping people safe and healthy. We can support you with a temporary power supply, loadbanks and temperature control equipment for:

  • Base camp amenities
  • Controlling humidity levels for weapons storage or navigation equipment
  • Supplementing shore power and chilling water for naval vessel operating systems while in port
  • Testing equipment performance – on and offshore, by simulating adverse conditions
  • Support during routine maintenance of your own equipment
  • Military power supply testing

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“This rapid deployment demonstrated the company’s flexibility and ability to rapidly respond to their client’s needs."

Dr Idris Rashidi Managing Director ,

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