Hot and cold lay-ups

Laid up ship with port power

“With a local presence near all major ports, our experienced engineers are on hand to provide a rapid support service whenever you need it.”

Protect your capital assets with specialist power, heating and dehumidification

Whilst ships, rigs or vessels are laid up you need to ensure that on-board critical assets are preserved ready for reinstatement.

With specialist temperature control hire packages from Aggreko, you can be sure that specialist equipment and machinery remains dry and corrosion-free.

With a wide variety of rental power, heating and industrial dehumidification equipment, our specialist team will custom-design a hire package that suits your exact requirements. Whether you need to preserve the engine room, bridge or sensitive electronic equipment, we’ll provide a complete rental service, from design to installation, to on-going maintenance and fuel management.

With a local presence near all major ports, our experienced engineers are on hand to provide a rapid support service when you need it, 24/7 365.

And because our power and temperature control equipment can be hired on a long or short-term basis, it’s the most cost effective way of preserving and powering assets until a time when your rig or vessel can return to service, refurbishment or resale.


Whether you need cold or hot lay-up support, we’ve got you covered

Our expert engineers will scope out your site to devise a solution that is cost-effective while meeting all your project requirements. 

Cold lay-up support:

Keep equipment in optimum condition with temporary power generators and specialist heating and drying. Our industrial dehumidifiers can be installed to achieve sufficient air circulation throughout controlled spaces and major machinery.

Hot lay-up support:

Our portable diesel generators offer a cost-effective means to provide on-board power while a ship or rig is laid-up. These generators can also be quickly stepped up or down, providing an efficient and scalable way to meet fluctuating demand.

Key applications

  • Auxiliary and back-up power: Including generators to provide auxiliary power, onboard reserve power or emergency power for all rig and vessel requirements.
  • Load testing: Including simulation of adverse environmental conditions for equipment testing, and FPSO (Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading) vessel load testing.
  • Temperature Control: Including controlled dehumidification to prevent corrosion damage, and temperature control equipment to maintain a ship's HVAC system in dry docks.

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