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“We know that the last thing you want is the nightmare of a power outage, so we’ll help you get back to processing quickly.”

Keeping your petrochemical plant running under challenging conditions

How do you keep your petrochemical plant safe, productive and cost-effective when you face turnarounds and aging equipment challenges on a daily basis? We solve this problem for customers in the petrochemical industry around the world, every day with our effective process cooling and power packages.

We’re known for our ability to tackle utility failures and emergencies faster than any other company. We quickly step in to provide power generation, process cooling and heating hire when you don’t have a second to lose.

But what we do goes beyond merely supplying rental equipment. Our technical experts and engineers can assess your existing equipment and systems for risks, then recommend, design and implement the best remedy for your petrochemical plant.

So when it comes to the petrochemical and refining industry, we’re more than a supplier – we’re your long-term partner.

Petrochemical industry equipment hire

Our equipment is designed to be modular and mobile, to meet the changing needs of the petrochemical industry. Our hire range includes:

  • Industrial chillers in wattages from 50 kW to 1500 kW
Heat transfer
  • Heat exchangers including shell & tube, shell & plate, plate & frame and fin/fan, capable of handling temperatures from -50ºC to +300ºC
Heat rejection
  • Cooling towers and dry air coolers, available in a wide range of sizes, modular to create multi-megawatt projects
Air handling
  • Industrial diesel and gas generators ranging in size from 30 to 2100 kVA for planned or emergency projects


Keep your petrochemical plant online

From scheduled maintenance to unexpected outages, we can plan and implement projects in a matter of days or weeks – which means reduced downtime and costs. And with an extensive range of power and temperature control equipment, from heat exchangers to high voltage transformers, we can custom-fit our systems to the unique demands of your plant's petrochemical processes.

Boost revenues and profits with our petrochemical plant equipment

Bottlenecks and seasonal issues can be a substantial drain on a site’s bottom line. We can partner with you to assess your processes, make improvements and help you figure out more efficient ways of working. With the help of our expert engineers, you can resolve process cooling bottlenecks, improve production, overcome capital challenges and meet product specifications. Our approach brings measurable results for our customers, with most projects seeing a significant return on their investment.


Unmatched petrochemical industry expertise that delivers results

We can provide whatever equipment you ask for – but that’s not always the best approach. Your equipment has to match your needs. Too much and you end up wasting fuel and paying for more energy than you need, too little and it won’t stand up to the job when demand increases.

Because we know how much a petrochemical and refinery plant’s demands can change, we match our process cooling and other rental equipment to what’s happening. We then back this up with strict maintenance schedules, around-the-clock monitoring and tech support.

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“Aggreko found a quick and relatively simple solution to our process cooling challenge. They provided additional reliable cooling for our site so manufacture of a new product could begin, while we focused on adding more permanent cooling capacity.”

Stephen Larke Senior Development Manager ,

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