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Heat exchanger hire at petrochemical site

heat exchanger hire services

Industrial Heat Exchangers For Your Specific Processes

Heat exchangers are often pushed to their limits, which can lead to costly failures and environmental fines. If this happens, you need to keep things going in the most cost-effective way. That’s where we can help.

Aggreko can quickly provide contaminant-free, refinery-grade exchangers to mitigate the consequences of an exchanger failure, for turnarounds or for debottlenecking purposes.

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Heat exchanger hire for every application

We have all types of heat exchangers — plate and frame, shell and plate, shell and tube and fin/fan. They’re refinery-grade, thoroughly cleaned, pressure tested and certified contaminant-free before each use.

Capable of handling temperatures from -50ºC to +300ºC, they can also accept volatile gases and liquids, high pressures (up to 40 barg), hydrocarbons, sea water, effluent and brine.

With a wide range of supporting ancillaries we can connect our into any system design with minimum disruption.

Expert service support – every time

Whether you’re facing emergency bottlenecks, turnarounds or seasonal cooling needs, our process engineers will work closely with you to find the best solution. They’ll visit your site, assess your needs, then design and size your project using their experience, simulation software and stream physical properties.

We can also assess the performance of existing heat exchangers and suggest system improvements and modifications.
We manage the complete project - from specification, through to delivery, commissioning, maintenance and removal.


Stay online during planned maintenance

When your heat exchangers must go offline for maintenance, cleaning or testing, our heat exchanger hire solutions can provide the back-up you need.

We can link into existing systems or provide standalone packages. You can then carry out any maintenance work with the peace of mind that your processes will continue with minimum disruption.

Fouling, leaking, corrosion

Plant heat exchangers can foul, degrade, leak, or experience corrosion problems – causing bottlenecks or even bringing operations to a standstill.

Let us provide a replacement while the incumbent is repaired or refurbished, or supplement existing plant until the next maintenance programme is scheduled.

Seasonal cooling limitations

When ambient temperatures rise, process units can face cooling limitations and you can face drops in productivity.
Using our interchangeable exchanger fleet our engineers will deliver cost effective cooling solutions so you can achieve optimum cooling capacity over the summer months.

Process enhancements

When aging plant struggles to meet productivity targets, you may need to enhance existing processes to make them more efficient. Heat exchangers can become a bottleneck to increasing capacity, optimising energy use or product split. When this happens we can support with temporary packages to improve the current process.

By adding supplementary capacity through heat exchanger hire you can maximise production and profit opportunities, or prevent unit / plant rate reductions.

Heat exchanger rental packages also offer a temporary fix whilst capex for a more permanent solution is found.


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