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Emergency power, heating and cooling hire


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Downtime, whether caused by power or equipment failure, can have a significant impact on business. An unexpected halt to production can be extremely costly, resulting in orders not being met, stock spoilage orloss and reputational damage.We provide a range of emergency hire equipment including generators, chillers, air handling units, heaters and boilers as backup power, cooling and heating to ensure production can continue, prevent spoilage and save stock.Add resilience to your operations, by planning ahead for emergencies. Our team will assess risks, create a fail-safe plan and implement an emergency solution that we can put into action the moment it is needed.

Site-specific planning

Our emergency planning service means we can tailor a plan to assess the risks faced if things ground to a halt. Our engineers will examine a site’s power, cooling, heating and dehumidification needs. A contingency plan will be drawn up, covering equipment, engineering, logistics and the people needed to put things right should an outage occur.

Round-the-clock remote monitoring

Our advanced monitoring systems are always on. You can view the live data and performance of any of your on-hire kit through Aggreko Remote Monitoring at any site. It will also highlight should equipment stop or if a fault occurs so any issues can be remedied. These actionable insights at your fingertips prevent downtime and deliver peace of mind.

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