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Industrial electric heater hire

Keeping sites warm indoors and out with our commercial electric heaters

Industrial electric heater hire you can rely on

Sector leading electric heaters for industrial use

Practical and highly portable, our industrial electric heaters are designed to deliver exceptional airflow over short or long distances. With multi-directional airflow options also available, they provide a fast and effective drying solution. No matter the project you're working on, we'll keep your site heated to the right temperature.
The industrial electric heaters in our fleet range from 3 kilowatts (kW) to 45 kW, so they offer plenty of versatility - you can easily integrate them as part of a large-scale or localised heating application.

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The experts in electric heater hire

We'll always make sure your requirements are met. Whether you need an electric space heater to dry out a new build, or you need temporary heat in an office block - our experienced engineering team can help you find a bespoke industrial electric heater hire.

As part of our service, we can visit your site, design a commercial electric heater package and have it installed within hours. Our industry experts have significant experience. And we're committed to making sure you have the equipment your site needs, as quickly as possible to keep your operations on track.

What are the benefits of commercial electric heater rental?

When you hire an indoor or outdoor industrial electric heater from Aggreko, you'll be able to benefit from:

  • Portability - our electric heaters feature heavy-duty castor wheels, fork pockets and life eye points, so they can easily be manoeuvred around a busy site.
  • Full safety controls - internal thermostatic controls, multiple power settings and fan speeds give you total control when in use.
  • Fan-only cool down period - which can be utilised to circulate air more effectively around a site environment.

Helping you hire the right electric heater

Whether your heating equipment goes offline or you require additional support,  it doesn't matter how complex your challenge is - our heating solutions can keep your operations running and your efficiency maximised.

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