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Indirect diesel heater hire

Fume-free heating hire solutions suitable for large open spaces with limited ventilation

A specialist industrial indirect fired heater rental service

Aggreko’s indirect diesel fired heaters (or IDF heaters) can quickly and efficiently deliver large volumes of clean, fully fume-free, dry air into large, enclosed spaces.

Whether it’s a construction site, marquee, warehouse, workshop or arena you need to heat. we can help. Our indirect fired heater rental fleet offers the flexibility you need.

They’re highly portable, range from 65kW to 350kW, and have high-quality fuel filters that provide trouble-free running. We can also equip an external thermostat – giving you added control and fuel efficiency.

Get your site up and fully functional as quickly as possible. Contact our specialists to discuss our indirect diesel heater hire service, or scroll down to explore our full product range below. 

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How does an indirect space heater work?

Our indirect heaters are diesel fired. They feature a sealed combustion chamber where the flame is enclosed. As the flame burns, it warms a heat exchanger.

Air gets drawn into the heater by a fan and passed around the heat exchanger, causing the air temperature to rise. It never comes into contact with the flame or the combustion fumes, making it 100% clean and fume-free.

This warm air is subsequently delivered out into the space via ducting, while the exhaust fumes from the combustion process are expelled via a flue or chimney.

Safe heating for enclosed and poorly ventilated space

Flexibility matters, which is why we’ve built our indirect diesel heater hire fleet to be versatile. Our heaters can deliver clean, fume-free heat in a variety of different applications where people, animals and food are present, including:

  • Building sites – to dry out buildings during construction, or after spells of bad weather or flooding.
  • Marquees, stadiums, halls and arenas – to provide comfort heating during events in enclosed spaces with limited ventilation.
  • Food and drink production and processing facilities.
  • Manufacturing facilities and warehouses – to keep storage temperature just right during peak production periods, or during HVAC system maintenance or downtime.
  • Film and TV sets – to deliver consistent comfort heating in studios, filming locations, production offices, catering areas and on stages.
  • Shipping vessels and rigs – to ensure logistical, operational and living quarter spaces are efficiently heated to the right temperatures.

Industry-leading IDF heaters

Here, at Aggreko, we constantly strive to innovate and improve our fleet to give you best possible performance. With an indirect diesel heater hire package from us, you can expect:

  • Industry-leading soundproofing – we understand the importance of keeping noise levels to a minimum
  • Fork pockets and lifting eyes – for easy installation and manoeuvrability across your site
  • Fan-only functionality – to ensure you get fresh, warm air
  • Full safety controls and a fan-only cool down period
  • Full internal heat regulator sensing for improved efficiency

Why choose Aggreko for indirect fired heater rental?

  • We have a global network of specialists - ready to build an indirect space heater hire package based on your budget and technical requirements.
  • We can manage delivery and installation - no site or location is too remote for our team.
  • We have a huge range of industry-leading IDF heaters, available for short and long-term hire.
  • Our Remote Monitoring service enables us to identify performance inefficiencies and technical faults, so, we can rapidly resolve them.
  • You'll have access to our technical support team, whenever you need it - 24/7, 365.
  • We have more than 60 years' worth of global experience and innovation behind us.

Want to find out more about our indirect fired diesel heater fleet? Contact our team to discuss your requirements today.

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