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For more than three decades, Aggreko Events Services (AES) has been setting the stage for many of the world’s most visible events. Powering Super Bowl halftime shows. Lighting Olympic venues. Going on location for movie productions. Electrifying elections at Presidential debates ¬and inaugurations since 1992. Putting the spotlight on concert tours, sporting events and corporate events of all types. Turning school gymnasiums into TV broadcast studios to cover breaking stories. Keeping the ice icy and the crowd comfortable at ice shows and hockey games. If a major event is going to be in the public eye, chances are that AES is who you’ll find has the energy it takes to put on the show. 


AES engineers power solutions that serve as a critical component of major athletic and entertainment events, with teams of specialists working on-site to ensure flawless performance. We know that power failure is not an option; if there is no power, there is no event. And the stakes are high. Producers, promoters, planners and operations managers need absolute confidence in their power and climate control systems. Failure can lead to millions of dollars in lost revenue or, worse, unsafe conditions. That’s why, with our four decades of specialized experience and a “been there, done that” history of powering major events, Aggreko Event Services has become the supplier of choice for major events, nationwide and worldwide.


We are the events industry specialists

  • We evaluate your needs, undertake careful design and engineering, and implement proven, turnkey solutions, rather than improvising expensive systems like many engineering or design firms.  
  • We’re a dedicated organization with immediate access to Aggreko’s massive fleet of portable equipment, so we have the resources to exactly match your power generation and climate control needs for maximum cost efficiency, provide redundant systems to ensure that “failure is not an option,” and the experience to improvise and solve problems on the spot.
  • We understand specialized requirements, because our teams draw together professionals who have spent years working in your industry, be it film, broadcast, touring events or concerts, sports or major corporate events, to name a few.
  • We share your concerns about noise and disruption, providing power and cooling equipment that works quietly within the smallest possible footprint, with small crews possessing the experience and detailed plans to put up and break down your temporary systems quickly.
  • We’re different from companies that merely rent equipment. Not only do we deliver our specialized and portable temporary equipment, but our teams collaborate with your organization in advance to plan, engineer, design, and then install and manage your integrated solutions on-site from beginning to end.
  • Events can be massive, involving hundreds of pieces of equipment: with Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) units on all our power generators, teams at our Remote Operations Center (ROC) monitor equipment performance 24/7, to keep your event problem-free.

Why Aggreko?

  • Dedicated teams offering specialized services and unrivalled experience and expertise 
  • Unmatched planning and logistics capabilities at any scale
  • Custom event solutions with turnkey equipment 
  • No-fuss setup and support 
  • Fleet of specialized and portable equipment  

Events Services 

  • Planning and logistic support
  • Power generation
  • Electrical distribution
  • Heating, cooling and chilling
  • Broadcast and press accessories
  • 24/7 Aggreko Remote Monitoring
  • Election campaign services
  • Contingency planning and services



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