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Fan Coils

Portable heat exchangers

Fan Coils - Models 80k, 200k and 600k BTU 

Key Data

  1. BTU
    80k - 200k - 600k
  2. Voltage
    120 V, single phase, 60 Hz

Physical Data

  1. Weight (kg)
    41 Kg - 95 Kg - 254 Kg


  • Ideal for heating, drying and climate control applications.
  • Their compact and mobile design allows them to be positioned where required on the
  • job site.
  • The efficient fen coil design provides a high rate of heat transfer with built-in, high volume fans provide the heat delivery.
  • High volume airflow for even heat distribution and moisture-lades exhaustion throughout the structure.


  • Clean, low humidity heat delivery minimizes energy costs. Recirculates and re-heat warm internal air, rather than heating cold external air.
  • Provides the low humidity environment control essential for inhibiting mold growth.
  • Provides the optimum project application environment for interior finish work.
  • Allows for daily application of joint to drywall.
  • Minimizes expansion and contraction of wallboard.
  • Reduces amount of downtime between finished drywall and paint application.
  • Eliminates shading of paint caused by residue from open flame heaters. 
  • Allows better adhesion of caulking materials.
  • Provides a drier surface for application of water-based carpet and tile adhesives, epoxy and urethane coatings and epoxy joint filters.
  • Reduces the chance of shrinkage at mitered joints in finish trim materials. 

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