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modern refinery illuminated at dusk, Netherlands, Benelux, Europe, long exposure with tripod, 50,3 Megapixel image from Canon 5 Ds

Petrochemical and Oil Refining: Services & Utilities

Our service offering

Engineered power, cooling, heating and compressed air solutions for petrochemical plants and refineries

Petrochemical Plant Refinery
  • Quench Tower

  • Cracked Gas Compressor

  • Fractionator O/H

  • Vacuum Distillation Unit

  • Alkylation

  • Fluid Catalytic Cracking

  • Sat Gas

  • Coker

Quench Tower
  • Lower Quench Water Temperature: Improves the performance of the quench tower
Cracked Gas Compressor
  • Interstage Cooling: Improves the efficiency of the following stages
  • Lube Oil Cooling: Reduce vibration and prolong equipment life
  • Turbine Condensate Cooling: Improves HP output of turbine
Fractionator O/H
  • Improves fractionator performance and cut quality
  • Lower fractionator operating pressure
  • Reduce tower flooding and traffic
Vacuum Distillation Unit
  • Pumparound Cooling: Improve quality of side-draw product
  • Surface Cond. Enhancement: Improve Vacuum to pull more VGO
  • Contactor: Improve octane, reduce acid and cause caustic corrosion
  • Refridgeration: Reduce contactor temperature
Fluid Catalytic Cracking
  • Main Air Blower Enhancement: Removes blower restriction on rate or severity and improves regenerator capacity
  • Main Fractionator Overhead Cooling: Improves fractionator performance and cut quality
  • Wet Gas Compressor: Reduces back pressure allowing for better fractionation and rate
Sat Gas
  • Depropanizer or Debutanizer Overhead Cooling: improve propane or butane quality or reduce FG make
  • Splitter Overhead Cooling: improve splitter performance to recover heavier components
  • Fractionator Overhead Cooling: Improves fractionator performance and cut quality
  • Wet Gas Compressor Unloading: Removes the light end back-pressuring the unit, allowing better fractionation and rate

Keeping your plants running under challenging conditions

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How do you keep your plant safe, productive and cost-effective when you face turnarounds and aging equipment challenges on a daily basis? This is the problem we solve for customers around the world, every day.

We’re known for our ability to tackle utility failures and emergencies faster than any other company. We quickly step in to provide power generationheating, cooling and dehumidification equipment when you don’t have a second to lose.

But what we do goes beyond merely supplying rental equipment. Our technical experts and engineers can assess your existing equipment and systems for risks, then recommend, design and implement the best remedy for your plant.

So when it comes to petrochemical and refining operations, we’re more than a supplier 
we’re your long-term partner.

Keep your plant online

From scheduled maintenance to unexpected outages, we can plan and implement projects in a matter of days or weeks which means reduced downtime and costs. We know that the last thing you want is the nightmare of a power failure, so we’ll help you get back to processing quickly. What’s more, we can custom-fit our equipment to the unique demands of your plant.

Boost revenues and profits

Bottlenecks and seasonal issues can be a substantial drain on a site’s bottom line. We can partner with you to assess your processes, make improvements and help you figure out more efficient ways of working. With the help of our expert engineers, you can resolve bottlenecks, improve production, overcome capital challenges and meet product specifications. Our approach brings measurable results for our customers, with most projects seeing a significant return on their investment.

When it comes to petrochemical and refining operations, we’re more than a supplier —we’re your long-term partner

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