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Why choose Aggreko for temporary power and HVAC

Why choose Aggreko?

Why choose Aggreko?

In a challenging world, we are committed to making things simpler. From providing the most innovative hired power, heating and cooling equipment all in one place to making every step on the journey to Net Zero as straightforward as possible. That’s what makes choosing Aggreko an easy choice. 

How we work with you

Our proven solutions come from tried and trusted ways of working:

Making sustainability work for everyone

Every small switch can make a big difference. It’s why we developed our Greener Upgrades initiative, to make being sustainable more viable. Combining the latest technology, cleaner fuels and smarter thinking to help you achieve lower emissions and greater efficiency, while potentially reducing fuel costs. By helping every customer to realize their climate goals and supporting every employee and community to do their bit, we can make sustainability work for everyone.

Realize the benefits of rental from greater control in an uncertain world to zero capex

The benefits of rental

Save time and hassle. Avoid the time-consuming process of operational or maintenance budgets instead.

The future has never been more unpredictable. Stay agile by renting equipment on a short or long-term basis. As your requirements change, scale up or down with very short lead times. 

Hire today and you can start actioning your plays straightaway. With more control. Cashflow is easier to forecast since monthly rental costs are usually fixed. 

Technology is evolving so fast that today’s breakthough idea is tomorrow’s obsolete innovation. By renting you can avoid asset depreciation or amortization. As technology advances, your rental options can be upgraded.

A further benefit of renting is you won’t be liable for equipment deterioration or ongoing repair and maintenance costs. All equipment is fully tested and serviced ready for immediate use. 

Download our e-guide to discover more reasons why to choose Aggreko for temporary power and temperature control solutions.

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