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Rental heat exchangers for HVAC solutions

Rental industrial heat exchanger & heating systems

Keep your processes up and running with a wide choice of efficient heat exchangers

Specialized rental heat exchangers for industrial heat recovery air solutions

Cooling and heating solutions are key to any process - and heat exchangers play a vital role in transferring heat to and from your equipment. The number of heat recovery air exchangers you need depends on your applications, but a typical refinery could have anywhere up to 350.

Getting the right number and type of heat exchangers for your processes takes smart planning and deep expertise. When you choose Aggreko’s industrial heat exchangers, we take care of everything, guiding you through the process so you can get the effective heating solution you need.

More than rental equipment

Industrial HVAC heat air exchangers available

Shell and tube exchanger

The most common type of heat exchanger, a shell and tube exchanger is ideal for high-pressure situations. Two liquids run alongside each other - one in the shell, one in the tubes - so heat can be effectively transferred between the two. These are sometimes known as tube and shell heat exchangers, tube heat exchangers, and shell and tube condensers.

Shell and plate exchanger

Also known as a plate heat exchanger, a plate and shell heat exchanger is relatively new technology, using plates as a heat transfer element as opposed to tubes. As a result, these offer exceptional heat transfer efficiency, helping you get an effective heat recovery air solution in a compact form factor.

Fin/fan exchanger

A fin heat exchanger or air-cooled fin fan heat exchanger uses fans and air to transfer heat -ideal for environments without access to water. In these units, air is forced over coils to deliver rapid heat exchange in any environment.

Heat recovery air exchanger applications

Aggreko’s unique scale, global reach, and sprawling fleet mean we can deliver a tailored heat exchanger setup for your processes - whether you’re undertaking a project or dealing with unexpected downtime.

Food-grade heat exchangers for food production

Food and beverage producers compete in a highly dynamic environment with robust standards of cleanliness. Aggreko offers a wide range of food and dairy heat exchangers, giving you more flexibility, efficiency, and safety in your production process.

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Industrial heat exchanger rental for petrochemical and refineries

Aggreko’s contaminant-free, refinery-grade heat exchangers are designed to mitigate the risk of exchanger failure for turnarounds or debottlenecking purposes. All from a team that understands petrochemical applications, unique challenges, and has the industry-leading technology to help.

Industrial Heat Exchangers Available for Your Specific Processes

At Aggreko we know perfectly well that each industry has specific needs, therefore, we have specialized equipment, capable of responding to the most complex challenges, within the standards that each industry demands — from food production to oil refining, we have you covered.

Why Aggreko heat exchanger rental?

At Aggreko, we know the consequences of issues with heat exchangers. From plant shutdown to reduced production, fouled, leaking, or corroded exchangers can severely impact your bottom line.

That’s why we provide a wide range of industrial heat exchangers - as well as the expert guidance you need to stay up-and-running, all year long.

  • A global fleet of standard, shell & tube, shell & place and fin/fan heat exchangers
  • An experienced group of process engineers to design your implementation
  • Certified cleaning from our third-party partners
  • Robust testing including pressure tests after each use
  • Fast delivery and implementation

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