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Aggreko standby generators

Industrial Standby & Backup Generator Rental in Canada

Get the best industrial backup generator for your commercial or industrial needs, 24/7/365

From planned downtime and routine maintenance to unexpected failure, leaving your site without power simply isn’t acceptable. With Aggreko, you don’t just get a generator for rent; you also get an expert team to deliver the industrial backup generator you need, anywhere in Canada.

Our high-performance standby generators are already being used in numerous projects, from construction to offshore rigs. With a comprehensive range starting at 35 kW and going all the way up to 2 MW, we’ll deliver whatever you need, wherever you need it.

All underpinned by our unique standby generator expertise, our presence across Canada, and our constant commitment to great service.

Industrial backup diesel & natural gas generators available

Specialists in backup generator installation for businesses in Canada

At Aggreko Canada, we bring together decades of hands-on experience in providing energy solutions for almost every industry. We’ve handled some of the most complex and unique standby generator installations in Canada and beyond, for everyone from municipal governments to industrial mining firms.

It’s that industrial power generator knowledge that enables us to design your ideal installation and put it in place quickly, effectively, and affordably. From diesel backup generators to natural gas alternatives, we’ll help you choose the right standby generator for your application – then make it happen.

Contact our standby & backup generator experts

Regardless of distance, Aggreko can fulfil your backup power needs whenever required

If you’re searching for standby generators in Canada or backup generators in Canada, you need a team that can deliver in even the most remote areas of the country.

Aggreko’s unique reach means we can be there with the perfect power generators whenever and wherever you need us – onshore, offshore, and always at a moment’s notice. When the stakes are high and the consequences of downtime could be catastrophic, commercial and industrial businesses choose Aggreko.

Emergency backup generator applications

  • Providing power generation to keep agriculture production moving and essential temperature control equipment running
  • Ensuring service continuity for data centre customers and keeping cooling equipment powered
  • Protecting storage conditions and keeping production running on schedule for food and beverage companies
  • Keeping critical machinery running and patients comfortable in healthcare settings
  • Protecting the safety of workers and avoiding project delays in construction or mining contexts

FAQs about our industrial backup generators

What size backup generator do I need?

There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to standby generators in Canada. That’s why we provide practical support to help you understand your needs and find the right backup generator for you.

At Aggreko, we provide:

  • A diverse range of capacities and power ratings
  • Modular units that can be connected to increase overall power
  • Fast delivery and installation, anywhere in Canada
  • 24/7/365 availability

What do backup generators run on?

The most common fuel types for standby generators are diesel and natural gas. We’ll help you choose the right fuel type for your environment, and provide a complete package with:

  • Both diesel and gas generators available
  • Fuel tanks for rent
  • All the accessories you’ll need

How much does a commercial backup generator cost?

The cost of standby generator rental in Canada varies significantly, but we know how important it is to balance cost against performance. One way we can reduce your cost is by rightsizing your generator, whether you need a compact 35 kW unit or a containerized 2 MW generator.

Do standby generators run on gas or oil?

Most standby generators run on diesel, but we’ve invested in a large fleet of natural gas and dual-fuel generators. In this way, we’re giving our customers even more choice – and an effective way to take advantage of good gas prices while lowering emissions.

Are backup generators worth it?

Understanding the value of a dependable backup or standby generator only takes a simple comparison. What would the cost of downtime – planned or unplanned – be for your project or your business? In almost every case, thinking ahead with a backup generator for a power outage creates a significant saving.

How long can a backup generator run for?

There’s no operating limit for most backup generators – you’ll only be limited by fuel, and for diesel units, the need for occasional oil changes. At Aggreko, we’ve designed our standby generators to run and run for as long as you need, with longer service intervals and minimal maintenance.

What are the different types of emergency backup generators?

Emergency backup generators come in a variety of forms. At Aggreko, we offer standard diesel generators, greener energy solutions like Tier 4F generators, natural gas power generators, and more efficient and clean Mighty Fuel Flex 400 kW generators.

Aggreko standby generators

Fast delivery is just the beginning

In critical scenarios, losing backup power could devastate your operations. That’s why we don’t just deliver and install generators – we safeguard their performance for as long as you need. Our 24/7 remote monitoring guarantees reliable, continuous service – and backup generators you can count on to keep you working every day.

A track record of high-performing backup generators

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