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Industrial & commercial heating systems & heater rentals

Industrial & commercial heating systems & heater rentals

Temporary heating solutions

With a global fleet and fast response, Aggreko is the trusted choice for temporary heating solutions. From temperature control while your primary heat source is offline to short-term needs due to seasonal temperature changes, we’ll provide the temporary heater rental you need quickly and effectively. All with the advantage of our shared expertise and ongoing maintenance.

Construction heater rental solutions

People across construction and contracting choose Aggreko for heater rentals across their entire lifecycle. Our rightsized temperature control is an effective way to keep sites productive and projects on schedule, whether you’re providing temporary heat or accelerating drying times.

Event heater rental solutions

Heating events comes with a set of unique challenges, from dealing with large, expansive spaces to minimizing disruption from your rental heater equipment. Aggreko comes with years of experience in temperature control for events, so you get the bespoke rental you need for the nature of your event. Indoors, outdoors, and at any scale, we’re ready to help.

Aggreko heating systems fleet includes:

Aggreko’s unique scale means we can provide the most comprehensive range of heating systems.

Our fleet includes fume-, flame-, and moisture-free electric heaters, designed for indoor and outdoor use.

For larger spaces, our indirect fired heaters provide high-performance heat with top-quality fuel filtering.

And our heat exchangers, used for cooling process fluids, can be integrated into your heating system to improve efficiency.

Hydronic heating systems

Aggreko also provides a range of hydronic heaters – an efficient way to heat your environment using less fuel. Hydronic heaters reheat ambient air, transfer this heat to a liquid like propylene glycol, then pump this liquid through fan coils to heat your environment. It’s a cost-effective way to control temperatures – talk to our team to find out if it’s the right option for you.


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