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Ezra Bailey

Aggreko Connect

What if you had greater control of your energy?​

With Aggreko Connect you can manage your account more effectively.

Review orders, invoices and generate operational reports; monitor the performance of your specialty rental equipment.

Request support at a time that’s convenient for you; and eventually receive recommendations on more efficient energy solutions.

Aggreko Connect has been developed with our customers. It works alongside your account manager, letting you access the information you need when you need it, online and 24/7, while still being able to speak to someone if you want.

It’s a better and simpler way to manage your account that puts you in control of your energy solutions.


Manage your account more effectively

Check the status of your orders, review purchase orders, access invoice information or personalize equipment serial numbers so they are more meaningful to you.

With Aggreko Connect discover a better and simpler way to manage your account.

  • Account level notifications
  • Order and shipping details
  • Order detail and invoices
  • Equipment mapping

“Aggreko Connect will help streamline our operations, improving how we plan, manage and complete projects in the future.”


Monitor equipment performance

Determine active power with recent electrical, fuel and engine data; review operating efficiencies and identify a more effective energy solution; drive improvements and eventually, understand emission data to help you consider how you can reduce your carbon usage. Monitor this and more of all our Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) equipped fleet.

  • Performance details
  • Asset and equipment information
  • On-hire asset detail and notifications
  • Energy solutions recommendations
  • Asset location
  • Proactive monitoring and management

“Being able to access all the relevant fleet information in one location, wherever I am, will really help me do my job.”


Help when you want it

Schedule a phone call for support at a time that suits you.

With Aggreko Connect, your information, product data and even order management can be accessed via a single portal.

No more multiple accounts and open windows. We’ve transformed the way we deliver your info to help you keep up with the fast-paced world we all live in.

  • Account information summary
  • Contract details
  • 24/7 account support
  • Set up push notifications

“It helps keep us up-to-date with relevant news and product updates.”