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Oil-free air compressor and air dryer rental

Air Solutions: Oil-Free Air Compressor and Air Drying Rentals

Industrial air solutions with rental oil-free air compressors & air dryers

Oil-free air equipment available

Why choose oil-free air solutions vs oil?

Traditional oil-lubricated air compressors use oil to keep internal parts operational. But this creates a few key issues, including a higher risk of oil-based pollutants in the air. However, the question of choosing an oil free air compressor vs an oil air compressor isn’t as simple as it seems - there are strengths and weaknesses to both options.

In our experience, customers choose Aggreko’s oil-free air compressorsand air dryers for environments where operations take place closer to people and processes - and the implications of spills and impure air could be significant.

Aggreko oil-free industrial air compressor and air dryer rental solutions tailored to meet your business needs

Even when you’re manufacturing in an environment that doesn’t strictly need oil-free air, oil-free air dryer solutions feed into the reliability and performance of your line. Many air compressors and air dryers spit out trace amounts of oil, contaminating pneumatic systems, fouling instruments, and produce unsafe environmental condensate.

With Aggreko’s air solutions, get the oil-free compressor rental or air dryer you need, including when your primary equipment is down for repairs or upgrades. We regularly work with businesses whose environments are critical, from manufacturing plants to teams from food and beverage and construction. What makes us different is our unique level of insight into your applications, with in-house experts on everything from oil refineriesto pharmaceutical labs.


Why choose Aggreko rental oil-free air compressor and air dryer solutions?

  • Nationwide fleet - With a large fleet of modular oil-free air compressors, dryers and coolers across North America, we can quickly deliver an oil-free air solution to fit your job
  • 100% oil-free air solutions - When we say oil free, we mean oil free. We don’t rent oil-free equipment to be used in combination with non-oil-free air compressors, air dryers, or components like hoses that have been exposed to oil.
  • Rapid response - We’re known for our rapid response - a team that’s available 24/7 with dedicated engineers and technicians to help you identify and implement the right solution for your application
  • Turnkey solutions - Aggreko’s compressors, dryers, and coolers are self-contained, modular units. All delivered with the accessories you need, from hoses to electric boosters.
  • No-fuss setup and support - We don’t just deliver the right equipment. We deliver the right people, too. We’ll guide you every step of the way, from installing equipment on site to providing ongoing service and maintenance, then picking the equipment up when it’s done.
  • 24/7 remote monitoring - All our oil-free air compressors come with Aggreko Remote Monitoring sensors. For a small fee, you can link to our Remote Operations Center via the ARM mobile app, giving you around-the-clock performance data and alerts, as well as monitoring from our expert team.
  • A growing oil-free fleet - With a multi-million dollar re-investment into new oil-free air compressor equipment, we’re able to meet the highest industry standards and support your efforts to work more responsibly


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