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Energy, power, HVAC and oil-free rental solutions

We make sure our customers have power, heating, and air conditioning when and where they need it

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Flexible and efficient power and HVAC rental solutions

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Power and HVAC rental solutions delivered by sector specialists

Why Aggreko?

Expertise, reach and performance for all your energy solution needs


We have the largest fleet of power, heating and cooling equipment. Our flexible, modular rental delivers greater certainty and control.

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We develop and invest in the latest, cleanest, most efficient technology to improve performance, cut emissions and reduce costs.

Greener Upgrades


From flexible rental and telematics to Greener Upgrades and decentralized power, simplicity is at the heart of every solution.

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Limit physical presence but keep business running with Aggreko Remote Monitoring

Aggreko solutions

We’re the leading provider of flexible energy and temperature control

panoramic view of Carambola Beach St.Croix US Virgin Islands

Sustainable, Reliable Cooling And Power Rental For Our Caribbean Customers

Our Solutions for the Caribbean

Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant, Chelyabinsk, Russia

Get back to business with minimum effort

Emergency Response

Ensure business continuity

Seasonal & Contingency Planning

Aggreko generators and fuel tanks in front of a stadium

Should I Buy or Rent a Generator?

Rent vs Buy

Detailshot of a modern biogas plant.

Alternative sources of renewable energy at low cost

Power Generation From Landfill Gas And Biogas

Keep things easy with our fuel solutions

Fuel Management


Safe power no matter how high the voltage

High-voltage power

The PSD is available here:Password: urMTpR8P

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