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Power Generator Rental and Energy Solutions

Worldwide leaders in temporary power solutions

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Industrial & commercial energy solutions - anytime, anywhere

Industrial & Commercial Power Rental Generation, Generator Rentals and Distribution - Anytime, Anywhere

We are the specialists in backup power generator rental, as we provide reliable, cost-effective rental power through a wide range of generators and electrical distribution equipment. From small, transitory power at a site level or base load-scale megawatt power for regional grids, we’ll keep the power on–and your business moving.

Temporary, emergency and backup power rental solutions - we have it covered

For more than six decades, Aggreko’s custom power generator rentals have delivered the flexible, scalable energy you need, anywhere in the world.

Our comprehensive range includes:

  • Temporary power in sizes from 25kW to 1500kW
  • Diesel generator units to containerized power units
  • Natural gas generators - cost effective, with less impact on the environment
  • Low-maintenance, quiet generators for low-noise applications like movie sets
  • Quiet generator rentals for onboard/dockside needs in the shipping industry
  • Towable, modular generators - ideal for construction and contracting industries
  • New advances in spill containment to prevent fuel/engine fluid leaks

Backup power rental solution, tailored to your needs

When you need a backup power supply you can count on, count on Aggreko. Our unique insight into your industry, application, and challenges means we can develop bespoke emergency power backup solutions around you.

Crucially, everything starts with your environment, power usage, and the risks to continued operations. Combined with our existing industry knowledge, this allows us to design a flexible power solution that makes sense for your scale, energy consumption, budget, and business.

Worldwide power solution projects

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