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Power generation, heating and cooling from Aggreko

From small rentals to large projects, our mobile, modular equipment is designed to work together, and scale up and down as demand requires. And as sector specialists we have the knowledge and solutions to support you in achieving your unique ambitions.

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We believe every challenge has a solution

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We develop and invest in the latest, cleanest, most efficient technology to improve performance, cut emissions and reduce costs.

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Our rental equipment, specialist knowledge and solutions are solving customer challenges across a wide range of sectors from construction and manufacturing to data centers and events.

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From remote monitoring and hybrid power to emergency response and fuel management, flexibility and simplicity is at the heat of every solution.

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Why choose Aggreko for power generation equipment rental?

At Aggreko, we’ve built our business on understanding your business. From your day-to-day challenges to your long-term plans and Energy Transition goals, we’re a responsive, dedicated team that’s ready to share our unique perspective and knowledge.

Whatever the scale and scope of your energy solution, temperature control, industrial generator rental, HVAC solution or backup power supply we’ll help you take a strategic approach and get the equipment you need, whenever and wherever you need it, on terms that make sense for you.

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Every day we help our customers solve their power, heating, cooling and dehumidification challenges.

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