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Industrial & commercial diesel generator rental


Discover our diesel-powered generator rental packages

Our diesel generator rentals are flexible and tailored to your time frame, fuel/power needs, and your budget.

When you choose a generator for rent from Aggreko, you’ll get modular, adaptable power generation that can be scaled up or down to the voltage and power you need – no more, no less. And with a range of diesel generator sizes, we can combine units to deliver the exact power you need.

And if your power needs fluctuate? We’ll design a load-on-demand setup with diesel generators that turn on and off as required. As a result, you get power when you need it – without the fuel use, emissions, and cost when you don’t.

Diesel generator rentals available 24/7

Our expert team is on hand 24 hours a day to help deliver your project. From backup power and emergency power to a high-voltage commissioning project, we have the know-how to make things happen.

We know how to anticipate issues, get ahead of your needs, and deliver energy solutions consistently on a global scale. And we’re ready to put our expertise to work – whatever your sector or application.

Greener diesel at your fingertips

Our new Tier 4 Final diesel generator delivers power in line with the most stringent requirements of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Wherever you operate, we make it easy to reduce regulated emissions like NOx, CO, and CO2. All made possible through the combination of efficient engine design, dual-fuel options, and reduced fuel consumption.

The impact: a 98% reduction in particulate emissions and 96% less NOx. It’s diesel generator rental at its most efficient and responsible, all part of our comprehensive Greener Upgrades campaign.

Diesel generators with industry-leading design

It’s possible to get a high-power diesel generator and fuel efficiency in one package. But only if you can control every aspect of design – and continually find ways to make power cleaner, quiet, and more efficient.

We design and build our generators at our ISO 9001:2008-accredited facility in Scotland, where we work to the strictest safety and emission standards. We’ve also adopted industry-leading soundproofing and emission control, as well as fully bonded fuel tanks to eliminate leaks.

Finally, our diesel generators are all housed in soundproofed canopies or enclosed in our custom 20-ft standard ISO containers for enhanced security, durability, and easy transportation by road, rail, sea, or air.

Rent industrial & commercial diesel generators for reliable and continuous power – 24/7

Aggreko diesel generator rentals use remote monitoring technology to ensure 24/7 equipment surveillance and maximize your uptime. From our Remote Operations Center (ROC), our engineers watch key parameters like loads, maintenance requirements, warnings, and failure alarms.

As a result, we’ll stay ahead of emerging issues, take a proactive approach to maintenance, and keep your diesel generator up and running.

Remove the hassle of fuel management

Leave the hassle of fuel management for your diesel generator to us. Our competitively priced fuel management service provides regular fuel deliveries to keep your diesel generator operational and avoid unnecessary downtime.

We’ll schedule times that won’t interrupt your operations, deliver the fuel you need before you need it, and use specialist vehicles to reach your equipment – whatever the terrain.

Find out more about our diesel generator rentals and get in touch today.

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Frequently asked questions about industrial diesel generator rentals

How efficient is a diesel generator?

Diesel generators are a leading choice for efficiency – in simple turns, they can turn a little fuel into a lot of power. This means they tend to run for longer on the same amount of fuel. They’re also efficient in terms of cost and tend to be more competitively priced than natural gas or dual-fuel alternatives.

How long can a diesel generator run continuously?

Diesel generators are designed to run for as long as possible, providing consistent power without interruption. However, longer operating times will lead to increased fuel usage and the need for oil changes. With Aggreko remote monitoring, you can easily monitor service and refueling intervals to make informed decisions about when to schedule downtime.

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