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Industrial Diesel Generator Rental

Industrial & commercial diesel generator rental in Canada


Aggreko’s diesel generator rental solutions for industrial and commercial needs

Our diesel generator rental packages are flexible and tailored to your needs (time frame, fuel, as well as your budget).

Our equipment is modular in design, so packages can be scaled up or down to give you the voltage and power you need – no more, no less. And because we offer a range of sizes, we can combine our diesel generators in different ways to deliver the exact amount of power for your site. Or if your power demands fluctuate, we’ll design a load-on-demand set-up where our modular diesel generators automatically turn on and off to meet the site’s load demands. This means we only provide the power you need, saving on fuel, emissions, and costs.

Industrial diesel generator rental equipment from 25-1500 kW

Global expertise in diesel generators + local knowledge of the Canadian market needs at your doostep

Our team of experts is on hand 24 hours a day, every day to help deliver your project. From an emergency 25 kW road-tow generator to a high-voltage commissioning project, we have the know-how to make things happen and can quickly and efficiently solve your issues with our diesel generator rental services.

We draw on our global network of power specialists to find the best solutions to the most complex jobs - whatever the sector or application.

Environmentally friendly greener generators for rent

We have launched a new emissions-saving solution, our Tier 4 Final diesel generators, which comply with the most stringent requirements set out by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for diesel engines. They operate in the same way as the cleanest car engines, lowering regulated emissions like NOx, particulate matter (PM), and CO. Also, CO2 emissions can be reduced by minimizing fuel consumption and utilizing environmentally friendly biofuels.

This new innovative fleet delivers a 98% reduction in the volume of particulates and 96% less NOx gas compared to the basic engines in older generators.

With our Tier 4 Final generators, we guarantee high performance while working towards your sustainability goals.

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How efficient is a diesel generator?

Diesel generators are a leading choice for efficiency – in simple turns, they can turn a little fuel into a lot of power. This means they tend to run for longer on the same amount of fuel. They’re also efficient in terms of cost and tend to be more competitively priced than natural gas or dual-fuel alternatives.

How long can a diesel generator run continuously?

Diesel generators are designed to run for as long as possible, providing consistent power without interruption. However, longer operating times will lead to increased fuel usage and the need for oil changes. With Aggreko remote monitoring, you can easily monitor service and refueling intervals to make informed decisions about when to schedule downtime.

Diesel generator applications

  • Short-term project power – a common application of diesel generators
  • Industrial power solutions in even the harshest environments
  • Energy where noise isn’t a significant issue – for example, industrial settings
  • Reliably reinstating power where primary systems fail, everywhere from offshore rigs to remote communities
  • Providing power where space is too limited for the added footprint of a gas generator
  • The maximum in fuel efficiency and performance, where demand for power is high

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