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Air handling (AHU) rentals

Industrial air handling unit (AHU) rentals

Industrial air handler rental to suit any requirement

HVAC air handling unit (HVAC AHU) rentals to fit any requirements

Aggreko’s HVAC air handling unit and AHU units can get the job done. With a wide range of sizes, from 10 tons to 120 tons, we have the ideal AHU HVAC unit for any of your applications.

Air handling unit/AHU rental plays an important role in numerous industries, from accelerating drying in construction and contracting to managing production conditions for food and beverage business and heating and cooling for events. Whatever you need, wherever you need it, we can help.

Air handling units ranging from 10 to 150 tons available

Commercial air handling

A commercial air handler unit is an effective way to bring temporary air control to your environment. Whether you’re looking for compact, small-scale air conditioning or a large air handling unit, tap into 

Aggreko’s unique scale and comprehensive fleet

And with deep expertise in your industry, we can guide you to the ideal solution – right up to the most expansive industrial air handling units.

Temporary cooling solutions that pair AHU with chillers and other HVAC equipment for industrial air conditioning

Aggreko’s comprehensive range of air handling units gives you consistent quality at any scale. Across our entire fleet, you’ll find units that are:

  • Electrically powered for easier installation and operations
  • Capable of producing up to 400 cfm of airflow per ton
  • Available in low temperature versions that operate own to -20F

But while our air handler rentals are capable units, they’re also backed by our proven insight into your industry, your challenges, and how units integrate as part of a wider HVAC system.

From making your AHU unit the heart of your HVAC system to connecting chillers for air conditioning, we don’t just know the function of air handling units in HVAC - we know what it takes to implement an effective solution and can provide everything you need.

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