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Industrial Gas Generator Rental

Industrial gas power solutions

Temporary and emergency gas generator rental solutions

Flexible natural gas generator rental solutions to meet your business needs

If your grid connection is delayed, unreliable or insufficient, or you’re simply looking for a more cost-effective power source, our industrial gas generator rental service could provide the answer. We have invested in new generation, gas-powered generators which offer world-leading efficiency in a flexible package. Our fleet features generators capable of providing power outputs ranging from 100 kW to 1,300 kW. They're housed in standard containers and modular in design, which means we can engineer and install gas projects from a single unit to a multi-megawatt power plant. And if you need to scale your capacity up or down, we can flex to meet your needs.

With a commercial gas generator for rental from our fleet, you can avoid making costly, long-term investments in the current volatile climate – especially with the uncertainty regarding energy security and pricing.

We are experts in reducing your costs and producing additional energy whenever and wherever you need it. Our new-generation gas-powered generators deliver world-leading efficiency in a flexible package. No need for long-term investments: just a flexible, reliable gas generator rental you can count on.

Discover our gas generator rentals

Our industrial gas generators range from 100kW to 1300kW:

Choose Aggreko’s gas powered generators as an alternative to diesel and grid power

Your Energy Transition depends on flexibility – not committing to a single alternative fuel for the long term. The best heavy-duty gas generator rental today might need to adapt over time. That’s why many of our gas generators are dual-fuel capable, allowing you to switch gas sources seamlessly.

Our range includes:

  • Biogas generators
  • Wellhead power-generating units
  • Coalbed gas generation
  • Shale gas support
  • Natural gas units

Modular and mobile natural gas generators

We’ll make it easy to make the most of what you have. And our unique understanding of your applications means we can proactively recommend the ideal solution.

Whichever unit you choose, you’ll benefit from the quality at the core of Aggreko. Every one of our gas generators is designed to significantly lower nitrogen oxide (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO) and particulate matter (PM) emissions, providing more environmentally friendly power generation.

And with smart design features like lean burn technology, spark-arrested silencing, turbocharged aftercooling, and purpose-built alternators, they’re as reliable as they are sustainable.

Housed in space-saving 20ft ISO containers and modular in design, our mobile natural gas generators range from a single unit to a multi-megawatt plant. Crucially, we can help you scale up or down to meet demand – and provide the expertise it takes to design the right energy solution.

Our 300 kW model includes the generator and skid in one container. Our larger 1,300 kW includes an external skid and gas ancillary module (GAM) stacked on top to reduce footprint. Whatever space you’re working with, we can help. And with a wide range of ancillary equipment including transformers and power distribution tools, we’ll take care of the entire solution.

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Aggreko natural gas generators combine gas power solutions with heat recovery for the turnkey systems

We have the technical capabilities to deliver Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solutions, enabling you to generate power, heat, steam or hot water by utilizing waste heat from the engine's exhaust or high temperature coolant. This gives you extra cost savings, especially in processing environments.

Frequently asked questions about gas generators

How much gas does a generator use?

The amount of gas used by a gas generator depends on a number of factors: the model selected, the gas type used, and the running time and power output required. Explore our range of natural gas generators or speak to one of our experts to calculate your gas supply needs.

How long can a gas generator run continuously?

With a well-managed modular array of generators, it is possible to maintain a continuous power supply for your operation. Our generators are carefully maintained and managed so that you can trust in their reliability.

Can a dual-fuel generator run on natural gas?

Yes – the vast majority of our gas generators are inherently dual fuel capable, so they can run on natural gas alongside another fuel source. This unlocks a new level of flexibility in how you power your project.

What is an average gas generator rental price?

Unit prices for gas generator rental vary significantly based on size, output, and engine type. At the same time, it’s a good idea to consider the overall cost of your generator, including time and energy spent on implementation. Given the current gas market, many of our customers are achieving 20% savings on their energy costs.

Industrial gas generator applications

Temporary power in environments with strict noise and emissions standards

  • A quiet, unintrusive source of power for events
  • Project power in urban areas or commercial developments where soundproofing is key
  • Environments where diesel may be limited or unavailable
  • Seamless fuel switching with our dual-fuel options
  • Providing cleaner energy across a wider range of operating temperatures compared to diesel
  • Meeting the strictest requirements for emissions with low NOx, CO, and PM levels

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