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Natural Gas Generator - Fuel Flex 450 kW

Natural Gas Generator Fuel Flex 450 kW-Waukesha

Fuel Flex 450 kW:

The simplest path to clean power

There is no more cost-effective method to meeting energy transition goals than with our market-leading 450kW. EPA certified and Capable of NOx levels as low as 0.15g/bhp-hr (without any fuel or additional exhaust aftertreatment) even the most stringent of limits can be achieved without any risk to reliability. With an emPact Emission Control System fitted as standard, environmental compliance reporting has never been easier.

Powered by the high-horsepower Waukesha H24 engine, the Fuel Flex 450 kW delivers the highest-density power with the smallest footprint: a high-speed reciprocating gas engine with exceptional fuel efficiency and unparalleled reliability.

Even in the most challenging environmental conditions, count on this EPA- and mobile-certified gas generator to keep your operations running.

A leading rental generator for fuel flexibility

True fuel flexibility is a critical step on the path to a more sustainable future. It’s also central to maximizing generator performance and reducing the need for downtime and interrupted operations.

With the Fuel Flex 450 kW, instantly switch fuels during operation, without reducing load or affecting availability. Even as your conditions change or fuel reserves become limited, you can maintain seamless operations, 24/7/365.

Our new natural gas generator is set to be the leader in the rental industry for versatility and fuel flexibility, operating with:

  • Flare gas
  • Stranded gas
  • Associated petroleum gas (APG)
  • Liquefied petroleum gas LPG)
  • Compressed natural gas (CNG)
  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG)
  • Biogas Landfill gas

What can you expect from our Fuel Flex 450 kW?

With a mobile, modular design built around a landmark in engine performance, our Fuel Flex 450 kW gas generator gives you complete flexibility. But what sets this unit apart is its resilience and dependability for commercial and industrial applications – even at scale and in any conditions.

Maximize uptime with a robust engine and less maintenance downtime

Reduce costs associated with servicing and maintenance

Maintain performance, even in extreme conditions – ideal for backup power

Achieve the lowest derates on rich gases

Control emissions without external after-treatment

Scale up and down to balance performance against demand

Achieve your energy transition goals

With the Fuel Flex 450 kW natural gas generator, we’re helping you take the next step on your Energy Transition. Meet key regulations with an environmentally friendly generator, using green gas fuel with lower exhaust emissions and lower noise levels.

At the same time, this efficiency helps reduce your total cost of energy, while still delivering exceptional power – even under capacity constraints.

The Fuel Flex 450 kW is a gas generator that combines improved power with enhanced efficiency, helping you meet the constant demand of today’s changing environments.

More power, less downtime

Waukesha engines are renowned for consistent performance and unbeatable reliability. When it matters, people turn to Waukesha for critical power they can trust. At the heart of the Fuel Flex 450 kW, the Waukesha H24 offers proven durability in a compact form.

We developed this package with reliability in all environments in mind. Waukesha engines similar to that used in the Aggreko 450kW were located in the base of the twin towers when they were struck in 2001. Miraculously they turned on and kept the lights on in the building until its eventual collapse.

The generator package is a robust with a fantastic ability to combat weather, dust, poor fuel qualities and extreme temperatures. Service intervals are best-in-class with oil change intervals at 3000 hours (double that of many competing engines). 450kW in a single load step and capable of being paralleled with as many other generators as needed means this little monster will never let you down.

Fuel Flex 450 kW natural gas generator key data

  • 450 kW prime rating
  • 400 kW continuous rating
  • Waukesha H24 rich-burn engine
  • Autotune and lowest derates on rich gases
  • Low noise levels
  • Lowest controlled emissions: 0.15g NOx emissions – the best in the market
  • Quick set-up and implementation time
  • Offshore capable


Purpose-built for oil & gas applications

The mobileFlex’s rich-burn combustion provides low emissions and can operate on a range of field gases without derate.

Lower NOx levels

Lower Nox gives you more on-site horsepower with a smaller carbon footprint while still meeting site tonnage requirements.



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Whether you need to meet certain capacity constraints,  achieve your Energy Transition goals, or have long-term power requirements, the Fuel Flex 450 kW can help.




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