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Aggreko food and beverage Manufacturing

Food and beverage

Zero Business Disruption

Maintaining Perfect Production and Storage Conditions, Whatever the Seasons Bring


Aggreko was able to maintain the ambient temperature our client required to keep their fish products in perfect condition and design an effective solution that avoided business disruption.

Peter Adams

Managing Director , Rotormotion


The logistical headaches of food and beverage production are huge. You need to work around seasons and harvests to create, bottle and package your products. Allow for cycles of supply and demand that are rarely in sync. Store perishable goods in perfect condition, sometimes for months.

And all this without any glitches or downtime. A few hours —even minutes— can ruin an entire batch.

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No Room for Error

With a process this sensitive, you can’t leave anything to chance.
What happens when a spike in orders needs you to scale up fast?
When an emergency shuts your whole facility down?
When you need to switch to a backup system for routine maintenance, with zero loss of power?

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Tailor-Made Rental Solutions

Our extensive fleet of generatorschillers, cooling towersdehumidifiers, heatersdryers and other utilities is designed to give you peace of mind.

Whether it’s a short-term boost, a planned shutdown or an unforeseen crisis, our expert team will tailor-design the ideal solution for you.

With decades of experience dealing with challenges like this, we know exactly what to do to keep your plants running with absolutely no interruptions in the production process. 

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Rapid Response, 24/7/365

Here's what we can do for you:
  • Respond to emergencies at your facility faster than anyone else in the business, protecting valuable inventory and business-critical operations first
  • Design a custom, right-sized installation to meet all your power, chilling, cooling, heating and/or dehumidification needs
  • Provide temporary chillers, dryers and other units for just the months you need them
  • Keep all your operations and processes running uninterrupted during planned shutdowns
  • Help you scale up production quickly to meet demand
  • Create a contingency plan that kicks into action the moment disaster strikes
  • Save you money with our streamlined solutions and fuel-efficient units
  • Monitor the performance of all our equipment round-the-clock, fixing problems before you even notice them Make hay while the sun shines! Talk to us today about how to protect your business through every season or challenge the year might bring.
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Aggreko’s expertise and service was essential to the smooth completion of our project. I could focus on the new facility, safe in the knowledge that they were taking care of everything required to ensure existing food stock remained in peak condition.

Dave Rusher

Facilities Manager , Grace Foods

Experts in temporary power and temperature control solutions

No matter the project, our rental services will meet your needs

Equipment Rental for Food and Beverage Plants