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Aggreko's data center services

Data Center Services

Whether you’re a Hyperscaler, Colocation Provider, Owner or Specialty Contractor, our technical experts will partner with your teams to solve your problems

Cleaner power without compromise

We work with all stakeholders throughout the Data Center lifecycle

Meet rising demand and complexity with confidence

From data storage at an incredible scale to the relentless pace of innovation, data centers need partners they can count on to deliver, every single time, anywhere in the world.

Aggreko’s data center services are designed to provide practical answers to today’s most significant problems. From resilient data center power during maintenance to cooling data center environments, we can help with an entire portfolio of modular, flexible rental equipment.

Capable equipment with deep data center expertise

Working with Aggreko is about more than the right cooling, heating, power and dehumidification. Our global reach gives us an unparalleled knowledge of the challenges data centers face - and how the right services underpin resilient high-performing environments.

Whether you’re rapidly scaling to meet demand or need new ways to maintain operations during upgrades, we can help.

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For every stage of the data center lifecycle

From Hyperscalers to Edge Data Center operators, we’ve helped customers around the world respond fast to change - even in emergencies.

Our unique reach in 100+ countries means we can combine global presence - and global expertise - with a refreshingly personal, local approach.

Increase your speed to market

Scale capacity and storage faster with:

  • Power systems for testing
  • Temporary temperature control, power supply and dehumidification 
  • A responsive approach, anywhere in the world

Stay flexible

Outpace your competitors and maintain service with:

  • Additional cooling or power for peak operations
  • Equipment rental for planned maintenance and upgrades

Protect your assets

Prepare for the unthinkable with:

  • A bespoke contingency plan for data center utilities
  • Instantly available backup equipment
  • Everything you need to guarantee uptime

Think sustainable

Take the next step in your Energy Transition with:

  • Modular equipment designed to closely match your required capacity
  • Sustainable data center equipment including gas generators and re-using waste heat to generate electricity
“For data centers, continuity is critical. Everything we do is about empowering operators to deliver seamless service.”



Aggreko's power services for data center

Exceptional project management and support

Aggreko’s expertise in data center services is unparalleled - but what sets us apart is the structured way we share that expertise on a global scale.

Our hands-on experience means we can guide you through project management at every stage. With Aggreko’s Remote Monitoring service, we’re here 24/7 to keep your data center running smoothly, not just day-to-day but even in emergencies like data center power supply outages or natural disasters.

Whatever you need, wherever you need it, we’re there.

Experts in power and temperature solutions

No matter the project, our rental services will meet your needs