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Aggreko’s battery power solution significantly cuts generator runtime and fuel costs

Client: Miami Botanical Garden

Location: Miami, Florida

Sectors: Events

The Challenge

Long generator runtimes affecting the budget

Miami is home to a magical light experience at one of their tropical botanical gardens. This 23 acre garden has been transformed into an enchanting illuminated light experience. However, the event was running off two parallel 200 kW diesel generators that were burning fuel 24 hours a day. This meant the fuel costs were through the roof and were affecting the budget to the point that the customer had to consider closing the project.

The event managers came to Aggreko as a trusted partner to see if they could find a way to decrease costs and emissions, while still being able to provide the power necessary for the show’s lighting effects.

Fact File Heading

Generators 2 x 70 kW
Battery power for the event 1 x 30 kVA
Battery power for the event 1 x 60 kVA
Total reduced fuel costs $32k
Less fuel consumption 75%
Less diesel generator run-time 70%

The Solution

Utilizing battery power to keep the lighting effects running

Our expert engineers identified a need for a battery power solution that could take a portion of the two generators’ load. We brought in a 70 kW generator paired with a 30 kVA battery solution for one section of the event, alongside a 70 kW generator and 60 kVA battery solution for the other section. These solutions acted as the main power source for the lighting show.

These solutions were set up so that when the batteries got to 25% of their power capacity, the generators would turn on, take over the generation of power for the show, and simultaneously charge the batteries. As this experience was situated in a botanical garden, noise and diesel fumes were an issue. With this battery-powered solution, we significantly reduced these concerns.

The Impact

A sustainability solution that keeps emissions low, and the lights on

Aggreko’s eco-friendly battery solution lowered fuel costs by over 55% with the new generators lowering fuel consumption by 75%. There was also the added bonus of lower emissions, reduced noise levels and diesel fumes, which was perfect for the peaceful botanical garden environment.

The reduction in costs allowed the event to stay open to the general public as well as helping the experience thrive with an environmentally friendly solution. Aggreko became a trusted partner for the client, and after the initial project in 2021 the client was so happy with the results that they asked for Aggreko’s help again in 2022.


24-hour diesel power

Fuel costs totaling over $18,000 per month

Event on the verge of being cancelled

High emissions and fuel costs


Most of the power is now provided by batteries

75% less fuel consumption

70% less diesel generator run-time